Irish American Music


Music is a type of entertainment that involves people putting sounds together in a manner that they enjoy and find interesting. Music includes voice singing as well as playing musical instruments like guitar, piano, and drums. Almost everybody enjoys music, whether by playing an instrument, singing or listening to it. Regardless of this universal interest, many schools have scrubbed off their music education programs. This should not be the case since music has various benefits. For example, it can help students to develop their language and reasoning as well as giving them a sense of achievement. Thus, this paper will discuss the Irish American music known as Celtic music. This music consists of a wide grouping of genres. It evolved from the people of Western Europe known as the Celtic people. Celtic music had its impact on American music styles such as the evolution of country music. Emigrants from Ireland brought their collection and instruments to the U.S in the early days of European colonization.

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Music serves as a living force in our culture, it is sung for encouragement and for communicating love messages. From long ago, people listened to country music; I grew up loving country music. It is educative and encouraging and hence my love for it. Further on, the paper shall discuss the ethnomusicology themes which will help people understand why music is important and how it makes people feel. All living creatures love music; animals respond happily to the harmonious vibrations of the harp. Music is also said to have a soothing and healing power; it helps tense muscles to relax. Music contributes to the academic by enhancing the students social skills and sense of self-esteem. Their learning is enhanced through spatial development and they improve in reading and math by learning symbols and rhythms. Therefore, it is important to have music education programs in school as this will help them relax and concentrate in school. Music does not only entertain but also enhances academic growth and health. Although people think music is for entertainment purpose, it plays other important roles in the society.

Ethno Musicological Themes

How People Experience Music-The Role of Music in the Society

Music and society are intimately related. Music creates and reflects social conditions including its ability to impede or facilitate social change. All categories of music are available to people all the time. The easy availability of music in America makes people take music for granted. Music is a very influential medium which had made some societies desire to control it. It enables communication which transcends beyond words, enables sharing of meanings and promotes the maintenance and development of the group, individual, cultural and national identities. It is more influential at the individual level since it is capable of inducing multiple responses such as mood, physiological, cognitive, movement and emotional. Music is one of the few stimuli that have such effects on a person. However, due to the multiple procession of music by the brain, it is difficult to forecast the particular effects which any type of music will have on an individual.

Connection between Music and the Senses

Additionally, it was discovered that music has the power to act therapeutically. Therapy may involve actively making or listening to music and it may further involve both. Music in combination with other interventions can be effective in alleviating pain and anxiety in dentistry and medicine and promoting relaxation. Most people in the U.S listen to Celtic music, and they claim that it has a soothing effect. There has been an extensive exploration of musics therapeutic uses on certain groups of patients; those with brain damage, persistent pain and the elderly. It is evident that music seems to relieve them some of their pain and it calms the elderly. Music has also been used in vulnerable groups to promote appropriate behavior and to improve the quality of life on people who cannot be medically helped.

Function and Purpose of Music

Further on, while listening to relaxing background music may improve the performance of academic tasks, listening to exciting music may interfere. Most Celtic music is relaxing, and many students listen to it, not only for entertainment but also for relaxation and to calm their nerves. In addition, music has been said to have effects on workers and consumers. One may remember a certain product due to the music that product is associated with. Music can also influence ones purchasing decision. For instance, Celtic music when played often attracts customers; this is because it is sweet, slow and relaxing. It presents consumers with a comfortable environment, thus, they can spend more time shopping will may lead to impulse buying which will benefit the business owner.

Reflexivity-Music and Politics

There has been a connection between music and politics in many cultures especially political expression in a song. Although music impacts political movements, it is not clear to what extent or how the audience relates to it on a political level. Music can express anti-war songs or protest themes. Since Celtic music is relaxing, it can be used as anti-war songs. Songs can be used to pass a precise political message; it can be used as advocacy. Further on, some music is said to be political by cultural association. For example, The Beatles were embraced by younger people to symbolize social change. However, there is a possibility of the audience missing the political content in a song due to the manner of message delivery or audience indifference. It is difficult to predict the response of the audience to political music, in terms of visual or aural cues.

Additionally, Blues which are part of the Celtic music have been recorded to protest mistreatment the Blacks received from the Whites. For example, the song Black, Brown and White by Big Bill Broonzy protested racism, Strange Fruit by Lewis Allan addressed Southern racism. Musicians used their music to speak out about the evils of racism, poverty, and war. Those facing any of those challenges could relate to the song and have their spirits lifted. Most of these songs had inspirational messages in them. Others had message targeting the political leaders urging them to bring positive change to their people.


In summary, Celtic music is extremely developed and released. There are a variety of genres such as country music and blues which fall under Celtic music. People use this music to manipulate personal moods, feelings, and arousal. Furthermore, music is used to make environments that influence the behavior and feelings of others. Individuals use music to promote their well-being, for example, to relax, generate certain moods and to stimulate concentration. Celtic music has become a tool for enhancing self-representation and promoting individuals development. Additionally, music has become an integral part of the day to day life. Music plays an integral part in promoting human well-being; its benefits are increasingly reflected in psychology, health, and this will lead to an increased demand in other fields. Therefore, the society needs to educate musicians appropriately. Music classes should be included in the school curriculum for everyone to have a taste and feel of the music Celtic music soothes my soul and helps me relax. Most students from my class love Celtic music; they claim that it helps them relax and has deep messages that encourage them. Through music, my class has learnt the culture of other people and the experiences they went through. For example, when one listens to a song addressing racism, one is able to create a vivid picture of what those people went through. This encourages people to relate well with others and to view each other as equals. Further on, the degree of exposure to music is on the rise, hence indicates that musics influence is very powerful. People are currently taking part in making music; they have realized that it is an important aspect of ones life. Parents are warming up to the idea of teaching their children music in schools.

Anna Brenda Biography

Anna Benda born in New York on December 15, 1990, is an R&B vocalist and pianist. She was born to a father named George Stuart and an Ireland mother, Lisa Chloe. Anna successfully graduated from the Professional Performing Arts School and later pursued her music career. Anna has always shown great interest since her early childhood. She began playing piano at the age of eight. She sang in her Sunday school, and everyone was amazed. She composed her first song Little Birds at the age of thirteen.

She deserves thumbs up for playing several instruments such as the piano and the guitar and for writing her own songs. She has proved herself a successful singer despite the many challenges she has faced. I love R&B because they are smooth and they have a soothing effect says Anna on asking her why she chose R&B. She further goes on to say Music is food for the soul; it relaxes the mind and relieves stress. Everybody should take some time to listen to soft music; it has a magical feeling you will never regret. She further says that people should be taught music from an early age and those with talents should be natured. I urge parents to encourage their children with interest in music to pursue it. As parents encourage your children to be what they want to be and nurture their talents Anna says. It is evident that her love for music is immense.

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