Music Analysis

Music Form Analysis

Music form analysis focuses on the way in which segments are structured in a unified whole, a blueprint for the structure of a piece. Understanding music with words is as elusive as attempting to describe the smell of your favorite food or the touch of water. The splendor of the sensory experience is largely found in its ineffability (Dunbar, 2011). However, it is essential to consider why a person opts for certain sounds. It is further important to investigate how sounds that are labeled in music are considered as good and bad. Just like all popular songs, "Always Be My Baby" by Mariah Carey debuted at number two in the BillboardHot 100 in April 1996. Furthermore, "Always Be My Baby" stayed at number two for approximately two weeks. In May 1996, the song topped the Hot 100 for two weeks before returning to number two.

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The song presents a simple form that describes the sense of affection and unity the protagonist expresses towards her separated sweetheart though they are no longer together. Mariah Carey states that he will always be a part of her even after they move on with their different lives. Although Mariah Carey is an R&B/ Soul singer, this music evidently reveals her vocal and expression. It is also evident that Mariah Carey follows a blues tradition by effectively expressing the hardship of love and relations. The song may not necessarily represent the autobiography of the singer, but singer feels that the listeners get the message that resonates with the audience during the performance. Mariah Carey may also not depict the personal relationship hardship into her musical expression on the song, but what matters most is that her message connects with the listeners (Dunbar, 2011). Mariah Carey has aligned herself with blues artists famous for their ability to interpret music and convey it effectively, thus eliciting an emotional response. The form of the song makes the song remain relevant to the modern relationship issues. The message and instrument tempo are very relevant in the modern music. Therefore, the music can withstand the test of time.

Music Video Analysis

Watching a video without sound reveals outstanding features that are often ignored in the music video. In the song titled "Burns" by Usher, the image of the video and camera angles depict man and woman differently. The video starts with a close shot of the Usher's eyes and then pans and cuts to the lady's eyes. The song starts with a spoken introduction, an aspect that shows Usher talking to the lady from his point of view. When Usher begins to talk, flashes at the end of each sentence appear. This is probably meant to show the lady blinking hence its clear for the audience to understand that Usher is addressing the lady. This explicitly shows Usher's effort to do a narrative within his music video.

Music Genre and Gender Role

Scholars in the music field have immensely analyzed the gender roles in different music genres. Different genres of music such as pop music, rock and jazz among others portray women differently. Pop music, which includes rap and R & B music, reinforces stereotypes. The pop music has changed society perception of gender, especially social perception about women. According to the song, girls are depicted to show true love while men cheat in return. Nonetheless, this is not only offensive to women but it accuses all men of fitting into this insensitive prototype (Dunbar, 2011). In other songs such as "Trading Places" by Usher, women are depicted as being submissive, especially on sexual matters.

Women in rock music are typically used to express their emotions, anger, lust, joy of physical exertion and aggression. In early 1980s, rock music was pre-dominantly a male domain. Nonetheless, gender roles have changed in the music industry. Although prejudice and discrimination have limited a number of females in rock music, a period of renaissance has significantly increased the number of female rock artists. However, women have significantly been forced to use their sexuality in order to gain acceptance. In jazz music, women are often used as soloists and in making sexual appeal to the audience. In almost all music genres, women's role is often used as sexual instrument for attracting the audience. Such gender roles in the most music genres are often used to communicate message that relates to emotions, fear, and sexual appeal. Such gender roles exist due to social perception of the role of women as sexually appealing gender (Dunbar, 2011).

Women in Music

Women's role in informal music settings such as a church and choirs varies significantly and reflects deep cultural issues surrounding gender. In live performance such as concerts that are least improvised, capturing live performances is granted utmost importance. Women participate in singing a lullaby for the children, choirs in church and local music groups as well as in social events such as weddings. However, documentation of women's participation in the private sphere of musical activities is not documented. This is because western culture relies heavily on printed preservation of music (Dunbar, 2011). Although nowadays women are appearing in public music sphere activities, the realm was initially dominated by males. This results from the socialization process that limited women's participation only to the private music sphere activities.

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