The Success Of Pokémon Go

The success of a new venture in an industry depends on its suitability for the needs of the consumers. Before the introduction of a new service into the market, it is essential that efforts are made to conduct a comprehensive market research so that the particular need is identified. It would also be crucial to ascertain that the design and the form in which it is due to be introduced in the market are viable. Such considerations are significant in delivering the intended value. As such, the success realized would be in awe of the initial objectives developed for the organization. This paper aims to highlight the reasons for which Pokémon Go has been quite a success to highlight its corresponding impact and the lessons that brand managers in other industries may learn from the same.

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Reasons for Success

The primary cause of the success of Pokemon Go stems from the innovative nature of the gameplay. The hyper and augmented realities occasioned by the game are critical in its popularity. There is an engagement of the players to go out in search of other players. The reliance on the power of simulation gives the game a unique design that relates the elements of the play with reality. The engagement in the game accords for the ability to alter the essence of reality in the immediate environment of the players. The gaming aspects of the application are crucial in the enhancement of the everyday surroundings. The thrill of the game is in the allure of the modifications that could be made to the environment that the players are usually accustomed to. The quest to attain effective changes and the chance that new setups would be attained at every instant the game is played is an equivalent of an unending desire to keep playing.

The social interaction aspect accorded by the game has also been vital to its success. At the fifth level of the gaming, there is the chance to join up with teams. The experience here is the compulsion that the players must be part of the real world to get the characters for every level of playing. The reality in the socialization has the capacity to team up friends so that more characters are sought out collectively. The essence of social interaction is a fulfillment to the players, a further attraction to take part in the game. The nostalgia associated with the game alludes to its popularity and success since its introduction. The socialization forums are a constant reminder of happy memories.

Impact on Nintendo

The impact of Pokemon Go on the Nintendo brand manifests in the form of the shift in focus of the organization into the mobile market. Having been traditionally focused on gaming, the popularity due to the application has resulted in diversity to venture into the mobile industry. The phenomenon nature of the game has also been the reason for the valuable partnerships that Nintendo has been part of in 2016. The key success that has been enjoyed by the company since the introduction of the game is the increase in its market value with the practical implication that the share stake has sufficiently gone up. The overall profitability of the venture has been on the high in 2016 as in light of the success exhibited by the game.

Lessons for Brand Manager Outside the Video Gaming Industry

Brand managers can learn the importance of ideal branding for the success of the products that are due for market introduction. A product may be suitable in regards to the market needs that it is bound to meet, but due to the poor brand choice, it is likely not to exhibit the success that was initially anticipated. Pokemon has been a stellar brand over the years, and the modifications over time are remarkable. The constant redesigning amounts to the likelihood that the expectation of the consumers would be met. Brand managers should, therefore, look to identify the appropriate product affiliation that would be the determinant of the ultimate success realized.

Managers can also learn the crucial role of timing in market introduction of new products. Such would determine the returns accrued from sales. Pokemon identified its targeted consumers to be children and made the decision to launch just at the onset of the summer. For the new products that have been designed, the capacity of the success within the targeted market depends on the time that is slated for launching. The introduction of a new product in the market should be coincident to the state of the economy at the time. The focus should be to point out economic stability and the volatility in purchasing so that the new product would have the chance of being acquired.

The need for rewards and incentives for the users is a critical aspect to the success of new products in the market. The managers must take note of this to design products that incorporate flexibility so that the consumers get motivated from using the service rendered. In the Pokemon Go setup, there are incentives and bonuses accorded to players for leveling up. The thrill associated with the rewards at stake amounts to a continued desire for involvement. Such rewards point to a robust investment and an attraction for the consumers to keep spending. Brand managers may adopt the same through the inclusion of price waivers in terms of sales. When the services are uniquely identifiable with the organization, it is inevitable that they would be the preferable choice for consumers.

Another valuable lesson that managers may draw from Pokemon Go is that it is not the advertising that leads to the successful introduction of a product into the market. Pokémon Go never had to invest heavily on commercial ads in the quest to popularize the application. The significant concern in the market introduction of a new product is the connection that is established with the customers in the targeted environment. Such an association is ideal for the explicit identification of the trends of the markets needs so that when the final product is launched, the consumers will seek it out; thus, limiting the need for advertisement.

The sense of identity created by the new brand should be a significant consideration by managers outside the video games industry. The nostalgia created by Pokemon Go is its unique feature that makes it stand out in the market. For the new products planned for, it would be imperative to consider such factors as quality service provision for proper differentiation from the products of other entities.


The popularity enjoyed by Pokemon Go is down to the proper planning and market identification. Timing was crucial in reaching out to the targeted consumers, children during the summer. The knowledge of the market and the trends of consumer spending would lead to the objectives being met. The success of a brand depends on the repute of the entity in light of the past products that had the similar effect of satisfying a particular niche in the targeted market. The past lessons learned from the already-introduced products could be used as a benchmark to create even a better services. In all, the emerging market trends must be considered if the anticipated success is to be realized.

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