Travelling for Education is Better than for Shopping

People usually mean by travelling going from one site to another for diverse purposes, such as domestic needs, businesses, education, and shopping among others. Nevertheless, the most significant goal of this activity is to explore new cultures, traditions, as well as the life of diverse people in various countries all over the world. All these purposes have an educative ultimate objective. However, a person who stays in his or her hometown all his or her life cannot experience such newness and learn from the outside world. An individual staying at home is narrow in his or her mind, thinking, and appreciation. Thus, people who strive to educate themselves leave their houses and go in search of new knowledge and experiences. Although this way is difficult but a person will never stay the same after every new trip. His or her imagination expands, and narrow-mindedness disappears. As a result, humans come to a new level of understanding. Thus, travelling serves educative purposes prior to all others because when a person discovers and knows something new, he or she will never stay the same.

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First, tourism broadens people’s minds, and they get to know that some other nations can live different lives than they do. Visiting other country makes tourists acquainted with its people, culture, food, and architecture. Trying various foods, a person broadens his or her tastes, seeing beautiful buildings assists in expanding cultural views, and meeting new people improves communication skills. Thus, informal education occurs. Without putting forth huge efforts, a traveler acquires huge experience. People even say sometimes that a one-day stay in other place can give more than a ten-year period spent at home. Quite often, travelling encourages an individual to change his or her profession, communication surrounding, views or even move to the country of trip. Professor Werry argues that travel proposes some contemporary opportunities in the education industry, where precise, designated and non‐vocational studying of other places, peoples, and times takes place. The professor truly admits that travelling is a subconscious process of learning, which is both pleasing and educative. She claims that “tourism’s concentrated, ‘first‐person’ engagement with the culturally unfamiliar lends its subjects a mantle of cosmopolite authority that years of classroom instruction rarely approach”. She subtly admits that years of school and university studies are nothing in comparison to one or few trips abroad. During such experience, people can get to know themselves better, deep into their souls and understand their real assignment in life.

Secondly, travel also teaches people independence because it allows them to escape the frequent surroundings of home going an alien or strange place. Starting with the arrangement of accommodation and food can give a person new responsibilities. When people travel, they become accustomed to new environments and try to survive there. Wandering unknown streets and sites helps develop the mind, its concentration and orientation. Doing without common life items teaches determination and patience, and when humans come back home, they become really grateful for the things they possess and those left behind them. Travelling allows people observing new cultures; it also lets them learn the roots of their own cultural traditions and values. As a result, it enables humans to become aware of diversities in lifestyles, no matter they are national or local, and to learn in what way various persons interact and overall on what they ground their ideas.

Thirdly, travelling experience lets humans explore their own way of life and customs, as well as appreciate the history and traditions of their countries. It inspires new ideas that can alter person’s opinions of various topics and assists the one in becoming more open-minded regarding things he or she has ordinarily disapproved before, for example, views on diverse political situations in visited countries. Experiencing life in various social systems or by the rule of different governments, humans can observe how successful they are and can form intelligent views. Travelling makes people more aware of different traditions and assists them in understanding various perceptions and views that foreign people have. Thus, it is educative because travelers obtain new knowledge, experience and look over their own country’s traditions, customs, and governmental systems.

Fourthly, travelling expands people’s minds because it requires knowledge and understanding of various languages. Many say that so many languages a person knows, so many times he is a man. Humans, who speak diverse languages, think much faster, can decide diverse troubles easier, and deal with several tasks simultaneously. In line with this, travelling expands peoples’ language knowledge. When a person comes to other country, he or she can improve his or her language skills, as well as learn the nation’s language from scratch easier than the one will do it at home. Thus, more and more people spend money on educational tourism rather than travelling for shopping. Contemporary humans strive to learn more to improve and develop through life. Lots of people travel abroad purposing to learn the language of the country or other subjects they are interested in. The tendency shows that they tend to waste less money on useless things, but focus on obtaining knowledge and evolvement. Being in other country and learning the language of its people make a person an individual twice because the one can think and communicate on both languages. His or her brain functions effectively, transferring from one language to another. Together with such information, travelling assists in knowing other country’s culture, traditions and people, providing huge experience. Moreover, educational trips give good chances to raise person’s qualification and facilitate career progression. Having extended experience, the one can find a better job or start own business and then travel more being able to buy expensive things. More and more parents try to send their children to other counties to obtain better education and better life as a result. Being multilingual, a child is more developed and can progress easier in life, achieving success.

To conclude, travelling for education, getting new experience, and knowledge is much praiseful than for the purpose of shopping. First, it broadens people’s minds, expands their outlook and makes humans’ brains operate more efficiently. It allows humans gain new information and understanding of the outer world subconsciously combining with the pleasure for sight, taste and smell receptors. Secondly, tourism aiming at education lets humans explore their inner world better, as well as deepen in their thoughts and feelings. Moreover, through communication, an individual can learn the culture of other nations and find out more about his or her own one. Sometimes, educative travelling changes a person completely, including one’s profession, communication surrounding and even place of dwelling. Thirdly, it is useful for language learning, particularly when the one is surrounded by the local culture and people. The process becomes easier. Lots of people tend to travel to improve their professional skills and progress in their careers. Parents want their children to study abroad to help them achieve success in life and be able to earn good money. Moreover, language knowledge and travelling make a person bilingual, who is proven to deal better with several tasks simultaneously and to work more efficiently. Thus, educative traveling is worth all efforts to gain life-lasting memories and experiences, which are more valuable than bought things.

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