Troopers: Inside the Florida Highway Patrol


The documentary titled Troopers described the life and training program of the recruiters of the trooper academy of Florida Highway Patrol. The narrator of the video claimed that among ten thousands of people 60 individuals were chosen to apply to trooper academy. From the beginning of the video, the instructors of the presented academy were described as very harsh and strict. The training started at the parking lot, where the cars of the applicant were investigated by instructors. Later, all recruiters conducted difficult physical exercises. Some of them were not able to endure such huge pressure. The instructors of the academy stated that such strict attitude to the applicants is highly important, since they have to realize all seriousness of the academy training. Sometimes, such attitude seemed to be even humiliating. After physical exercises, the recruiters were taken to the classroom for the further instructions on academics.

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While explaining the job of highway patrol, the troopers showed the real traffic stop of the 16-year-old girl who exceeded speed limit. One of the police officers stated that such incidents are highly common and every time the violator tries to find the excuses. However, as trooper highlighted any excuse is unacceptable. The documentary outlined that auxiliary troopers provide irreplaceable help to police. In addition, the video presented the example of how police officers searched the car of the suspect whose driver license was suspended. During the search, the trooper found methamphetamine. Later, the police officer emphasized that in such cases it is extremely important to call the backup, since the offender might be under the effect of narcotics. The next chapter of the documentary described exhausting physical training and defensive tactics of the recruit class 118. The recruiters claimed that these defensive tactics are highly difficult to conduct, since every move should be conducted with precision and accuracy. Every recruit was forced to pass the exam under the supervision of the instructor. Moreover, despite enormous physical activities, the recruiters were tested using different mental and psychological technics. The instructor of the academy claimed that defensive tactics are essential part of the troopers work, since these skills could save the life of the police officer. Next, the recruiters mastered the skills of driving the patrol car. The driving lessons were also highly difficult and challenging, since the police car differs from other vehicles. The recruiters were taught how to drift and drive under the excessive rain. As a result, the vast majority of the recruiters were not able to cope with the steering for the first time. The next chapter of the video depicted legitimate traffic stop using the police dogs for the search of the car of the suspect. The documentary emphasized the important role of the police dogs in the work of highway patrol. These dogs were trained to recognize different types of the drugs, weapon, and the smell of the offender. The troopers claimed that with the use of police dogs, the search of the car is much quicker, easier and sometimes it could save the life of the police officer.

After the several weeks of training, class 118 was trying to cope with firearms, especially to shoot using different covers. The recruiters highlighted that shooting was highly difficult and exhausting. Even the recruiters who had certain skills were shocked by the fast pace of training. In addition, the documentary described the work of special response teams. Those squads were trained to use M-16, MP-5, and other weapons to stop the offenders and defuse explosive devices. Another chapter of the documentary showed how recruits were taught to conduct car maneuver called The Pit. In conclusion, the presented video described the graduation of new state troopers.

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It should be noted that the presented documentary provided highly powerful and unforgettable effect. On the first glance, it seems that work in highway patrol is one of the most dangerous in the world. Every time the state trooper, being on a duty, does not know what could happen to him/her. Certainly, the presented occupation requires perfect physical training and the ability to cope with different people. One of the most shocking moments in the video is the attitude of instructors of the trooper academy to the recruits. It seemed that these people at the parking lot were treated not as applicants, but rather as prisoners. The instructors were unbelievably strict and even cruel. However, on the other hand, such harsh behavior of instructors could be easily explained by the desire to show the recruiters that academy is difficult place to study. Moreover, it is better when people from very beginning have the opportunity to understand whether they could endure the mental and physical pressure of the educational process. Thus, it is normal that some of the recruiters left the academy after several weeks of training.

Additionally, the presented documentary provided the significant opportunity to see the education of the trooper from the inside. It is a highly valuable lesson, since any movie or story cannot provide the true spirit of the educational process. Furthermore, in certain moment, it was obvious that even the people with good physical form and skills find the methods of training highly challenging. However, it is difficult to disagree with the instructors of the academy to the point that it is better to suffer in training room then became a victim of the offender on the road. In addition, it was interesting to learn that highway patrol has so many divisions and departments. Especially, the special response team is worth to be admired. However, one could only imagine what these troopers face on the road.

While observing the driving test, one could notice that police car is highly unusual vehicle, which could pursuit even the fastest cars. However, it is obvious that not every trooper could be the driver, since it requires significant agility and attentions. Moreover, it could be stated that every trooper has his/her own place at work. Sometimes one could be more advantageous for the team sitting in the office and coordinating fieldwork. For example, one of the new troopers was little and fragile women, who, without any doubts, would not be able to stop and disarm the suspect. The training of the recruits showed that she could not be a leader. However, it does not mean that she could not be a state trooper. Thus, considering the training program in the trooper academy, it could be stated that not every trooper could be engaged in the fieldwork. One of the breathtaking moments of the documentary provided the story about the officer Patrick Ambroise, who became the victim of the reckless driver. Being an experienced trooper, Ambroise did not expect that such thing could happen. It proves once again that indeed the occupation of the state trooper is one of the most dangerous in the world. It also emphasized that danger could come from any place or direction.

In conclusion, it could be stated that the moment of graduation was highly prominent and thoughtful. The new state troopers seemed to be ready to serve the people and protect the law. However, it also could be assumed that each of them was notably frightened because the offenders on the streets do not respect uniform and law. Nevertheless, it also seemed that each of them is ready to face difficulties and overcome obstacles in the name of safety of the country.

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