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Communication is one of the most valuable elements in the contemporary world of business. Actually, it is necessary to pay attention to every aspect of personal communication patterns in order to evaluate its influence on the listeners’ ability to absorb information in an appropriate way. Communication patterns define human relations in every aspect of human activity including business, family, and friends. George Walther and his concept of power talking are the sources of knowledge on efficient communication. The movie The Intern is another example of the communication meaning to the business success and workplace relations, which emphasizes the concepts penetrating Walther’s management theory.

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Power Talking

George Walther is one of the well-known management experts of the contemporary business development. In fact, power talking became one of the major aspects reflecting Walther’s approach towards communication in general. The expert believes that communication skill is the most important aspect of human life, which can help to avoid hundreds of problems by building effective relations with the surrounding environment, which includes business, family, and friends. Communication should be concise, clear, and grammatically correct; it also should use appropriate language, which will help the speaker to achieve the goals of conversation. One of the amazing presentations of Walther’s communication concept took place in Shanghai, China a few years ago. In fact, the key idea presented by Walther focuses on the ability to teach others to use communication for the purpose of improvement of relations with other people. Walther admits that some business leaders innately speak the language of success, which seems to be hardly obtainable for others. However, Walther brilliantly shares his knowledge on how to make language of success available to everyone.

First, it is necessary to agree with Walther that only a few people are capable of making a transition between positive thoughts and actions. Communication patterns and the way of speaking also define the ability of the individual to assess the external environment and make beneficial the personal inclusion in the surrounding world. The business leaders should keep in touch with Walther’s presentations of power talking as long as he provides various examples in the support of his concept. A welcoming environment during the presentations helps to see the influence of effective communication and targeting of the listeners’ interests. Walther shows that appropriate combination of words, gestures, word combination, and intonation create the specific atmosphere of talking. Such a statement proves that power talking can become a key to the success for the company in targeting customers’ tastes, employees’ needs, and partners’ interests in cooperation. Career advancement, improvement of personal relations, and effective conflict management skills represent the primary outcomes of the seminars held by Walther. The expert’s ability to persuade others and guide them towards revision of personal communication skills are crucial to the successful understanding of personal mistakes made by every listener in the audience. Life and business depend on the ability to target personal thoughts and manage them in the speaking habits, which result in the establishment of reliable communication with the surrounding environment. Walther’s program is unique due to the explanation of how to use simple words for the creation of positive outcomes of the communication. The expert does not reveal the secrets of communication but shows how to manage personal behavior and speaking patterns in order to nourish personal life with opportunities.

Another aspect, which requires separate consideration, is goals setting and communication. In the presentations, Walther mentions that effective communication helps to achieve goals and take care of personal development faster. From the perspective of management theory, it is well known that personal goals and goals of the company depend on the leader’s ability to navigate through the needs of employees and their interests. Such a method establishes appropriate job satisfaction level, which helps to move further in the achievement of success. The same phenomenon is crucial for the Walther’s perspective on the communication. As soon as someone tries to target self-sabotaging word combinations in a personal speech, it would be easier to make powerful replacements that help to target the full scope of goals and objectives.

In addition, the action accompanies communication, which is the result of effective management of personal thoughts and speech. In my opinion, the overall concept presented by Walther is a well-built platform for personal growth and development as a business leader. The contemporary business world is full of rivalry, which requires entrepreneurs to find unique approaches towards managing others. Actually, communication is crucial to the overall success of the organization, which means that a leader should be capable of showing others the appropriate example of targeting needs and interests of the colleagues. Walther’s presentations are highly beneficial for the practical application of the discussed concepts, which are capable of making a revolution in the lives of the spectators thanks to the redirection of communication principles and priorities. In general, power talking is one of the keys to building sustainable business environment free from dangerous conflicts and misunderstandings, which can be destructive for the company’s productivity.

The Intern

The central theme of the movie The Intern covers the story of a 70-year-old widower, who became the senior intern at the fashion company involved in e-commerce owned by a middle-aged woman. Ben Whittaker and Jules Ostin are the main characters of the movie, which aims to show the spectator the essence of human relations incorporated in the entrepreneurship. At the beginning of the movie, it is obvious that Jules does not have high expectations regarding Ben. However, Ben demonstrates that he came to the company to prove the fact that he is capable of relating to the contemporary tendencies not only in fashion but also in human relations regardless of his age. It is the point, which starts to impress from the managerial point of view. On the one hand, it is expectable that Jules is unable to hope for the outstanding performance results from Ben. On the other hand, the movie encourages the spectator to think about the possible benefits generated from the experience of the 70-year-old intern. The director Nancy Meyers made everything possible to emphasize the need for the contemporary companies to give a chance to the retired people to contribute their input in the development of business.

From the point of view of the management theory, it is possible to analyze the movie’s effectiveness in several ways. First, Ben has carefully analyzed the temperament of Jules, who wants to combine business and family, as one of the common businesswomen. In fact, she does not feel much trust to others, which leads her to focus on her mind without the consideration of other opinions. Moreover, Jules hates, when someone tries to advise her anything related to business management. She became very proud of her business achievements, which led her to the stage of success presented in the movie. As a result, the appearance of a new CEO assigned by the investors became disappointing and demotivating for Jules. Actually, Ben became the only savior, who helped Jules to see the benefits of her new position, which allowed her spending more time with her family. In general, the movie demonstrates the difficulties of finding appropriate work-life balance. For Jules, it becomes challenging to realize her life goals and understand what she wants from her business. Jules is an outstanding leader as long as her employees willingly complete their daily tasks and enjoy their job responsibilities. In addition, the movie shows that Jules is a non-conformist person. She works in a hectic business environment and can hardly come to the meetings in time. She sees the messy table everyday but does not assign anyone with a task to clean the table. Nevertheless, Jules’ employees keep working hard with an outstanding dedication, which proves her effectiveness as a leader. The day Ben decides to clean the table, Jules notices his efforts and starts to pay more attention to him. From this point of view, the movie transforms the workplace relations into friendship, which helps Jules to realize her place in business and life in general.

By the end of the movie, the spectator obtains the feeling of comfort and peace due to the realization of the fact that even retired people have a chance to work and continue their career building. Actually, the movie has proved that generation gap exists only in the minds of people, which creates the stereotypes and prejudices that prevent people from natural communication. However, elderly people hold much experience, which can teach others how to behave in difficult situations. In general, there is an opportunity for the interexchange of experience, skills, and abilities between young and elderly employees. The movie has proved that there should always be a space for the interexchange of experience between generations in terms of business.


The evaluation of both videos has proved that business success depends on the leader’s ability to find appropriate communication approaches that help to target the needs of every employee. George Walther’s power talking is a remarkable example of an outstanding sensitivity in the selection of speaking patterns. In fact, power talking proves that navigation through people’s interests and needs is possible thanks to communication. Today’s business development and competition require leaders to accommodate to the business environment with its challenges and difficulties. The interexchange of experiences is the key to the productive teamwork, which finds its proof in the movie titled The Intern.

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