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White American Males and Cigarette Smoking

White Americans Males are ranked the second highest among other races in cigarette smoking in the United States. Statistics indicates that approximately 42 million of American populations are cigarette smoker as per the year 2013. However, 60 % of this population is adults with men being the most prevalence than women taking 66%. The research will concentrate on white males, surveys indicate that white males come second after the American Indians who are the Alaska natives. Breaking down the statistics by ethnicity of male cigarette smokers, American Indians cover 21.8 %, Whites come second with 19.7 %, third is the African American with 18.1%, coming fourth are the Hispanics taking 12.5 %, then the Asian American with  10.5%  and the other portion comprises of the multi-racial people. The research paper will concentrate on the white males between the ages of 25 to 44 years. The prevalence of cigarette smoking has been high on the white males.

Cigarette smoking is a health concern problem, which possess cigarette smokers to a high risk being infected with opportunistic diseases. As much as the smoking problem is preventable, it still its reported to be contributing to at least 30 % of cancer death in men, Majority of the white men in this age group tend to pick these vice from college and high school and continue smoking. In recent surveys done by white males, it revealed that 10 on every 15-cigarette smokers started the act of smoking either in college or high School. According to the respondents, they agreed that a school environment is characterized by peer pressure and accessibility to affordable cigarette is high. At teenage, kids will want to try any substance due to peer pressure influence whereby many end up being addicted to cigarette smoking.

Whites are likely to abuse drugs than blacks and other races. The reason being is, black are mainly associated with drug crimes where they do it for money, unlike the whites who are likely to develop substance use disorders and cigarette smoking is one of them. Cigarette smoking is addictive because of the nicotine substance contained in it. The addiction has made the majority of smokers become daily smokers with few doing it occasionally. When cigarette smoking becomes a habit, the users become vulnerable to cancer-related diseases like lung cancer, throat cancer, stomach and kidney cancer too.

There is no any cigarette that is safe to smoke because all tobacco related products can cause damage to someone’s body. Victims of cigarette addicts think trying to smoke fewer cigarettes will reduce the danger associated. Unfortunately, researchers have documented that, smoking between 1 to 4 cigarettes can still inflict health problems to an individual irrespective of the type of cigarette. The findings demystify their notion that smoking fewer cigarettes a day reduce the impending health problems. Typical smokers have even gone to an extent of preferring hand-rolled cigarettes suggesting that they are quite safer than the commercial cigarettes. The commercial sector has now introduced the “all-natural” cigarettes claiming it has less chemical content and its less addictive and rolled with pure cotton filters. All tobacco products, whether natural or otherwise contain the carcinogens that agents that cause cancer. Additionally, burning any form of tobacco produces carbon monoxide and tar that are toxic to the human lungs.

Smoking cigarettes has raised the mortality rate among the white males. Statistic indicates that a cigarette smoker tend to die younger than those who do not smoke. Actually, according to the research conducted by the Centres of Diseases and Control and Prevention (CDC), males lifespan is shortened by 13 years if they engage themselves with smoking. Additionally the majority of cigarette smokers are likely to die at the age of 34 to 68 years compared to those who don’t smoke.

Factors Influencing Cigarette Smoking

Smoking has been prevalence among the white male’s ranges from cultural, societal, economic, occupation and even sexual orientation. The majority of the white population are the Native American, who had some cultural practices that highly encouraged smoking. For instance, the Native Americans and ceremonies that were sacred and the tobacco smoking was part of the celebrations. Religiously, tobacco smoking was seen as a spiritual gift, somethings that come from the gods which when smoked one’s prayers will be carried directly the spirits. The habit has been passed down generation while with others associating it with medicinal values whereby, users claimed that it helps as painkillers to relieve toothaches, earaches, and a desert to cure a cold.

Another contributing influence to cigarette smoking is he societal factors. The current American Society presents a Free-like world where each citizen are aware of their rights. Controlling cigarettes smoking has become hard considering concerning the social influence. Foremost, the media constant advertisement for commercial cigarettes attaching it with celebrities tend to influence a huge population to start smoking. Adult’s youths will be tempted to smoke when they see an ad showing celebrity smoking too. Constant advertising about cigarettes have managed to persuade a large population of white males to start smoking and continuing smokers to continue more. Social influence also emanates from school and families. A survey indicates that two out of five interviewed smokers got the habit from either a parent or a family relative who was smoking. If one’s parents or any other family members who are close to them are smokers, theses expose him as a secondhand smoker, which they incline to develop as permanent smokers later in life. Parties characterize the school environment and substance abuse is common in thus events. The majority of white male smoker claimed to have picked the habit in school after being introduced by their friends.

The abuse of other substance like alcohol, meth, and marijuana also tends to create a possibility of an individual to start smoking cigarettes because they go hand in hand. Surveys have revealed that a massive 75 % of White American males cigarette smokers also abuse another drug especially alcohol. When is under the influence of alcohol, they are likely to try cigarette smoking because the two goes hand in hand. Gang group’s members are also the victim of cigarettes smoking because they perceive themselves as rowdy, drug addicts and smoking of cigarette will be an obvious practice.  When new members in the gang are recruited, the smoking cigarette is their first taste and end up being addicts.

The level of education is also another parameter, which can be to identify the degree of cigarette smoking habits among the youths. According to researchers, there is a high prevalence of cigarettes smoking among the less educated white males than the educated population. Across the population of white males, GED holders have a higher prevalence of cigarette smoking of 44.4%, followed by less than high school, 24.2%, High school graduate 22.2 %, College, 20.1%, Undergraduate 9.1%, and finally the postgraduate with only 5.3 %. The statistics it reveals that, when individuals are well educated, they are less likely to engage in cigarette smoking habits. Unlike the less educated individual, an educated person knows the dangers associated with cigarettes and consider the habit way for subjecting their life into health problems. The less educated population can are prone to cigarette smoking because they also participate in abusing other substances, and this expose them to either direct or secondhand smoking.

Economic factors are also a contributor to extensive cigarette smoking among the white adults. Economic factor brings in the government responsibility too. As much as the government has tried to impose burns, that prohibit cigarette smoking in the public and indoors open places, they appear contradicting regarding matters pertaining taxes on tobacco products. The prices of tobacco products in the US   are still affordable to the middle-class population, and this has encouraged the deemed population to smoke more. Poverty is also an economic influence to cigarettes, smoking because it categorizes the social class of the American White males. The less wealthy interact among themselves while the rich would also do the same for themselves. The habit is said to be higher among the less wealthy white males than their counterparts because they are less busy often preferring to hang out in pubs with friends drinking alcohol and smoking cigarettes as well.

Occupation influence tends to fuel the cigarette smoking habit too. For instance, cigarette smoking prevalence is recorded to be higher among the white males who serves in the United States Military and Veterans. Military men are even likely to smoke many cigarettes when they have been deployed. Approximately 63% of white military personnel smoke cigarette as many claims it reduces boredom and stress when they are on duty. However, Veteran between the age of 25 and 45 are likely to be current cigarette smokers than non-veterans in the same age group.

On sexual orientation, the prevalence is high among gay, transgender, and bisexual white males. This group is targeted often targeted by Cigarette Companies, and much of their promotion is done aggressively in this community. However, gays, bisexual, and the transgender white males are likely to resort to smoking because of stress related to stigma and prejudice regarding their sexual orientation.


The issue of cigarette smoking is related to my healthcare profession because its repercussion causes health problems to the users. As mentioned earlier, cigarette smoking is the leading cause of death more than drinking and driving accidents and suicides and AIDS in the US. According to the US Surgeon Report, smoking contributes to a higher cancer mortality in the United States. As a healthcare problem, I choose to discuss it because it is a preventable cause of death in our society.

Ciggerrates contain a substance such as carcinogens, toxic tar and carbon monoxide gases that are very harmful to the human body. Carcinogens are agents that cause the development of cancerous cells to the human body. According to CDC, the case of cancer has highly increased due to cigarette smoking prevalence. Approximately 30 % of cancer deaths as per 2013 can be accounted with cigarette smoking. Physicians have linked cigarettes with cancers disease such, lung cancer, larynx cancer commonly referred to as cancer of the voice box, Stomach, Bladder, Pharynx cancer among others. Common cancer among men is the lung cancer, accounting for 87%  of lung cancer deaths.

Apart from cancer, Smoking also causes other types of illness to the white male population. For instance, long-term smoking can cause illness such as heart disease, stroke, and other pulmonary diseases like bronchitis and emphysema.  Often, nurses and physician inclined to advise their patients t o avoid smoking and any other form of tobacco products. Cigarettes are known for worsening patients condition especially those who are suffering from asthma and pneumonia.

The healthcare sector has addressed cigarette smoking with much concern due to its health consequences in the society. It has seen the healthcare raising campaigns to help to reduce the consumption of cigarettes among the white male population. The sensitization campaigns and intervention approaches that are carried at both community and state levels have led to social behaviors and sensitization on cigarette smoking dangers to the white male population and the entire country at large. For instance, through California’s, “Richmond Quits Smoking Project” and the aids from the state government, the California healthcare community has come up with effective interventions strategies to combat cigarette smoking prevalence among the white male.

The intervention includes educational program to enlighten the public about the dangers smoking, providing rehabilitation centres and guidance to victims of cigarette smoking, Additionally the government can help by imposing hefty fines on users of offenders of anti-smoking burns as well as raising prices of tobacco products to discourage its consumption.


In conclusion, basing on the entire statistics on the prevalence of cigarette smoking and its danger among the white American males it tends to will be wise if the concerned stakeholders advocate for preventions. Prevention is better and curing and thus will not only reduce the cancer-related mortality rate but also save the government on healthcare costs associated with treating cigarette-related cancer. The health care has a big role to play in the already existing cases, but they can still help by providing rehabilitation services and guideline on how to quit smoking. However, individuals should take the initiative of avoiding cigarette smoking either directly and are as a secondhand. Parents who smokes should try to prevent influencing their kids from picking the habits by enlightening them about the dangers associated with cigarette smoking. Having a smoking free nation is a reality if all the involved stakeholders will chip in effective interventions.

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