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Young Goodman Brown by Nathaniel Hawthorne

This is a story kick starts with suspense as Goodman Brown embarks on a journey whereby the destination is not mentioned 

This leaves some suspense considering that the New England Woods appear spooky at night. From the story, it can be noted that “…he had taken a dreary road, darkened by all the gloomiest trees of the forest (Hawthorne 9).”However, later on the story, it seems that the journey is sort of a revelation to our protagonist as he discovers the real character of some people who have been part of his life for a while. For instance, Goody Cloyse screams…,”The Devil” (Hawthorne 15), which depicts her as a witch. Additionally, a deacon and minister appear riding along talking about their affection of “deviltry” and devil worship (Hawthorne 43). Additionally, there is an indication that Faith, the wife of Goodman has been up to something naughty as Goodman happens to hear her voice deep in the woods, but when he calls out to her, she does not respond. The author has employed two climaxes in the story. The first climax depicts right after the protagonist has calls out to her wife while in the forest, but does not get any response. This makes him run confusedly in the forest believing that his wife has turned evil. The second climax depicts when there is a meeting that entertains sin, guilt and evil. However, at this climax, the protagonist manages to control himself.

Goodman later returns to his village and this marks the falling of the action

However, a series of small conflicts abound deriving from what he had witnessed in the forest. The conflicts are a result of his trying to resist the devilish influences and hypocrisy of his townsmen. A reader cannot entirely no how or what the devilish influences and hypocrisy are, but Goodman is convinced that they are evil. It can be argued that the story is just a dream basing on Brown’s experience. It can also be assumed from the story that all men fear that all men abound as evil. The story also abounds as ambiguous when its beginning and ending are compared. At the beginning, Brown was confident and happy; however, in the ending, he abounds as suspicious and gloomy as he lives anticipating the worst could happen at any time. The story also abounds as an examination of the roles of women in the 19th century regarding encroaching their spaces in public spheres. This is depicted by Faith and Goodman. Notably, she kisses him and reunites with him later, at the gathering.

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