We are used to watching, listening, and reading about male heroes who rescue the world and humankind. However, we should remember that new female heroes are becoming more and more popular nowadays. In the second half of the 20th century, a special genre Wonder Woman presented a series of motion pictures about Mighty Isis and Electra Woman, which appeared on TV and became a sign of that epoch. Unfortunately, they disappeared and were forgotten in 10 years. A new century has brought a new way of thinking and philosophy. Suffragism and feminism have made a new model of the role of women in society. Now, it is hard to imagine the film without female heroes. We have different genres of films and TV programs with a great number of real or fiction female heroes. The struggle between male and female heroes is going on.

Female Heroes You Should (Not) Know

Find Out More About the Top 7 Modern Female Heroes Whom You Will Probably Like

  • Supergirl and “Supergirl”

One of the most popular and well-known female DC characters is Supergirl. It appeared in action comic number 252 for the first time and became one of the favorite female superheroes thanks to her wide range of abilities – flight, superpower and speed, heat and x-ray vision, invincibility and superheating. Melissa Benoist, who plays Kara Danvers, the main hero, appeared on TV series in 2015 and is still very popular. A fiction story about a Supergirl offers us to look at our relationships and behavior. Although it is a fiction story full of supernatural events and moments, it also includes a lot of real-life things. Therefore, this story attracts many viewers of different age.

  • Syd Barrett and “Legion”

Syd Barrett (Rachel Keller), one of the best female DC characters, appears in Legion, a well-known and popular TV series. Syd is isolated and suffers a lot from her ability to switch body and read thoughts through touches. Finally, she figures out that she can get on with Summerland citizens and Davil Haller (Dan Stevens). Soon, she started to learn how to control her power. Then, this female hero realized her mission in the nearest apocalypse. She had a lot of quarrels with Davil because Syd wanted to protect him. Finally, she found another way of salvation. This female superhero created her plan of how to survive in the fiction world called Legion. More than 90 percent of viewers highly recommend watching this TV series with one of the best female DC characters – Syd Barrett. Go on reading to find out more about modern and popular female superheroes.

  • Black Canary and “Arrow”

Black Canary Arrow – this phrase is so popular nowadays that it is easily recognizable among both teenagers and adults. The character appeared for the first time in flash comics as Dinah Drake; Black Canary Arrow became the favorite TV series for thousands of people thanks to its tangled and interesting plot. The main hero has a particular set of super strengths, such as sonic cry and advanced combat training, which makes her really powerful and influential. Although there are many different characters in this motion picture, we pay attention to the struggle between Black Canary and Black Siren, one more female hero. Their collaboration and temporary union depict Black Canary’s will and desire to protect a big idea. Watch and find out more about the peculiarities of main male and female characters.

  • Polaris and “The Gifted”

Lorna Dane (Emma Dumont) and her character have appeared in comics for the first time. Lorna Dane as one of the most popular female superheroes changed through the story. She still has the same super abilities – to stop bullets and make magnetic manipulation that open fences, bring down airplanes, and even kill people. Firstly, she uses her power in different ways just following her thoughts and ideas. Then, she starts to think about the Inner Circle as a place where other mutants are born. She recognized her previous mistakes and was eager to change the current situation. Such Lorna Dane’s personal features make her one of the best female superheroes. Perhaps, that is why the Gifted still stays extremely popular even after the second season. We highly recommend you to watch a couple of TV series and believe that you will like it since Lorna Dane is not just a female hero; she pretends to depict human life full of diversities, changes, and troubles. We may also meet this character in Disney X-men project.

  • Killer Frost and “The Flash”

The main character Killer Frost is one of the memorable female heroes. She appeared in the comic series – Fury of Firestorm: The Nuclear Man (19) as Caitlin Snow. Many people like her because a lot of them would like to have her ability to manage with cold. Killer Frost can absorb heat from external sources and convert it into waves of cold. Using this ability, Frost Slayer can create objects that consist entirely of ice, and use them both for attack (ice daggers) and defense (ice walls). She can also instantly freeze living beings through physical contact. Also in the series of comics released before the “Crisis on the Endless Lands,” Killer Frost could subdue men with a kiss. As usual, the plot is tangled, which makes this fiction story about female heroes even more attractive. She was an ordinary girl and fell in love with her university teacher. However, he had no feelings for her, and she was really upset. She went to the temperature chamber and became a creature that could absorb heat and transform it into cold and ice. She named herself Killer Frost and started to fight against men, especially her main enemy Firestorm. Finally, the end of the story is a little bit frustrating and disappointing. She lost the final battle with Firestorm. However, she resurrected as a Black Lantern, and it is a new chance to make a new story about female heroes. This story is a vivid example of how we fight against each other in our daily life. Many viewers may see here more than just a film about female heroes. It is much broader than it seems to be.

  • Elasti woman and “Doom Patrol”

April Bowlby plays Rita Farr in the Doom Patrol, a film based on the comic debut of Elasti-Girl – “My Greatest Adventure.” Rita Farr is a typical female hero. However, she has to become a leader of the other superheroes team – Doom Patrol. Her abilities to limit shapes and mass exchange allow her to be strong both as a superhero and a human. She struggles with emotions, which has a great impact on making decisions. There is a strict parallel with a typical woman prototype in our real life where women are usually more emotional than men. It is a hidden sense of this film about female heroes. It tries to make it vivid that our wives, daughters, mothers, grannies, aunts, etc. are female superheroes who are struggling with their fears, emotions, and weaknesses all the time. Although they have all those troubles, they are still female heroes for us. This story is a great chance to reconsider your thoughts and views on the relationship between women and men.

  • Zari Tomaz and “DC’s Legends of tomorrow.”

Zari Tomaz is one of the future female heroes. It is a story about a powerful person who can make different air manipulations. This story is a part of the bigger series Legends of tomorrow. Firstly, she seems to be a typical woman, but then she realizes that she is a superhero and someone wants to catch her. The plot is built on the confrontation between two sides. There are a lot of different mentions about different gods and demons who are friends or enemies. Although it is a hero film, there are still some scenes, which represent our daily life and problems.  Why do they chase her? What will happen at the end? You may get to know all these things after watching this female superheroes motion picture.

This list of the best female superheroes and female DC characters also reminds us about women who stay heroes even in daily real life full of non-fiction problems and stressful situations.

April 9, 2019
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