Professional writers do not use the classic 5 paragraph essay structure as often as the students do. Indeed, writing a 5 paragraph essay is a usual task assigned by professors to check the student`s ability to analyze a particular issue and develop the ideas logically. Being an average student, you cannot avoid writing such an assignment. However, you can perform it successfully following the simple rules. This article aims to provide you with the most effective essay writing tips that will help you to get the highest grades.


Not surprisingly, such an assignment has five paragraphs:

If you find this structure difficult, be sure to write a simple 5 paragraph essay outline, and it will facilitate your writing.

Let us have a look at each paragraph more closely and explain how to write a 5 paragraph essay.

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The Introduction

The introduction aims to provide the reader with the general discussion of the subject, which will lead to creating a specific thesis statement. A skilled student will always start his essay with the so-called “grabber” – a catching, challenging and thought-provoking claim that will catch the reader`s attention. The main writer`s argument should be expressed in a thesis statement. Many students mistakenly believe that the thesis statement is some general sentence that relates to the topic. However, a thesis statement is the main idea of the essay narrowed to one-two sentences. It is a very important element of your essay since the entire paper should be written in accordance with the thesis statement, and all the topic sentences should be related to it. For example, if the paper is about gun control, you can start your writing with the brief overview of the problem, why this issue is important in present-day society, etc. The thesis statement should claim your idea – do you support or do you oppose this problem and why. Also, your introduction should include the grabber – some fact that makes you think about this problem more closely.

The Main Body Paragraphs

You have to divide your essay into several paragraphs. Please, remember that one paragraph should develop only one idea. You do not have to jump from one idea to another since it will cause a mess in the heads of your readers, and they fill find your paper difficult to follow. Also, be sure to start writing each paragraph with a clear topic sentence that will express the main idea of the paragraph. Your main body paragraphs should include the arguments and evidence. Do not hesitate to include in-text citations if needed. If you write about gun control, be sure to include the recent statistics and the experts` opinions. It would be great if you could analyze the controversy over this issue and explain which point is correct. Your body paragraphs should be closely connected with each other with the help of transitions. In an academic essay, transitions serve as the glue that keeps all your ideas together. They will make your essay easy to read and your key ideas easy to follow. The transitions are particularly important when writing the introduction and conclusion. Such transition words as in addition, moreover, what is more, on the contrary, comparatively, indeed, to summarize, and many others will make your writing smooth and coherent. You can also find a good 5 paragraph essay template available online and learn how to write a perfect essay.


Your conclusion is not only simple restatement of the ideas expressed in your essay. It should demonstrate the reader that you have achieved your goal. Feel free to emphasize the importance of your research. Your conclusion should not contain brand new information or citations. However, you can finish your essay with some thought-provoking idea that will leave the great impression in the reader`s memory. When your 5 paragraph essay is written, do not forget to proofread it and submit on time. We assure you that in the academic world, the delicate and creative approach towards writing 5 paragraph essays is the key to success!

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