Without doubt, Frankenstein is one of the most well-known monsters in popular culture. This monster, as well as the tale of his creation has been described many times in films, cartoons, and even comics. The story of Victor Frankenstein, as well as his creature, includes many profound themes, such as the nature of humanity and the ethics of science. These themes are still widely discussed in the present-day society. Although the story is considered fantastical, Mary Shelly, the author of the tale, was inspired by real scientific experiments. Thus, it can be noticed that the story was based on real-life events. In the contemporary academic environment, Frankenstein, or The Modern Prometheus is a very popular novel analyzed by students on different layers. Unfortunately, not all students can take the time and read the whole book thoroughly. In our article, we will provide a brief summary of Frankenstein walking through the plot, key characters, themes, etc. to help you write your essay. However, if you are not a Frankenstein expert and need professional help with writing this essay, do not hesitate to rely on our company. Having advanced experience in writing Frankenstein essays, our experts will provide you with a high-quality write-up.
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Writing an essay on Frankenstein has never been easy. You need to read the book meticulously, interpret the key themes, investigate the messages conveyed, as well as develop your arguments supporting them with credible evidence. Not all students can cope with this task successfully. Some of them do not have time to read the book, whereas others lack relevant writing experience. If you need professional help with writing such a paper, you can purchase it at our trusted writing service. Our company provides exceptional but affordable writing assistance to students worldwide. No matter what Frankenstein essay assignment you want us to help you with, we will take good care of your request.

Plot Summary of Frankenstein

Frankenstein, or The Modern Prometheus is the most famous novel by Marry Shelly. The author was only eighteen years old when she wrote her multilayered story. Nowadays, this tale is one of the greatest novels of the nineteenth century. In its essence, it is one of the first real sci-fi novels that mix a tragic romance and horrors of life. The key concept of the novel is the controversial idea of a scientist Victor Frankenstein who wants to give life to an object. This experiment greatly affects his life. After the monster is created, he demands from his creator to generate a mate for him as no people accept him in their world. When reading the novel, one may wonder who is the real monster in Frankenstein essay – a creature or its creator. Yes, Victor’s refusal to create a bride of the creature is justifiable, but there are a lot of questions about playing the role of God and social rejection.

Major Frankenstein Themes

You have to know that there are several contextual, structural, and literary elements that help in deconstructing the major themes in Frankenstein. Marry Shelley uses foreshadowing, intertextuality, multiple narrators, and symbolism to create parallels and connections between the fundamental ideas of significant political and social aspects. Below, you will find some themes that may become starting points in your analysis: Victor Frankenstein succeeds in creating a life as God does; The creator chooses to be alienated because of his thirst for knowledge; Frankenstein shows the lack of connection to either society or family, which leads to despair, tragedy, and murder. The author convinces the reader that it is insane to pursue dangerous knowledge. The act of creating a new life results in the destruction of many fates. When imperfect men disturb nature`s perfection, it causes suffering and crises. After all, the creator is destroyed for his attempt to manipulate the power of nature. Frankenstein finds out that human beings are very ambitious. Both Victor and Walton are dreaming about transforming society and getting glory through their achievements. Unfortunately, their actions result in misfortune for all. The monster turns to revenge after being mistreated and abandoned.
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Frankenstein Essay Prompts

Since there are several major themes in the novel, the essay prompts can be various. Below, you will find the most intriguing ones:
  1. The author addresses her concerns about human advancement in Frankenstein. At the same time, she explores the themes of forgiveness and compassion. Victor feels compassion for the monster he created. Do you agree that Victor seeks forgiveness for his deeds?
  2. Discuss the gothic elements in Frankenstein essay. Why do you think this tale is the brightest representative of Gothics in literature?
  3. Science is portrayed in a bad light in a novel. Shelley insists that the direction that society moves in is determined by its understanding of power. Do you think this statement is accurate?
  4. Many people believe that Victor Frankenstein is a tragic hero whereas other opine that his creature deserves to be called a tragic hero. Write a Frankenstein argumentative essay supporting your point.
  5. Throughout the story, the weather helps symbolize the mood of the writing or the character`s experiences. Identify several examples of how weather reflects the narrative;
  6. Frankenstein is considered a modern Prometheus. Read the story of Prometheus and compare the two works. Do you agree that Marry Shelley has adapted the myth to her novel?
We assure you that you may find many other Frankenstein writing prompts on the web. You need to pick up the one that will help you showcase your creativity and provide you with room for discussion.

How to Write an Essay on Frankenstein?

Now when you have familiarized yourself with the Frankenstein essay topics, you are probably wondering how to write your Frankenstein essay. Below you will find a step-by-step guide that will help you organize the writing process in a proper way:

Additional Tips on Writing an Essay about Frankenstein

To write your paper successfully and get a good grade, it is necessary to keep in mind several suggestions collected below:
  1. Make sure to shed light on Shelly`s concerns. Once you manage to understand Shelly`s worries, you will be able to convince your reader that you know the book on a deep level. The author`s concerns are mainly about science, human nature, technology, etc. She masterfully communicates, directly or indirectly, about the consequences of human actions;
  2. Highlight different characters and contrast them. When working on an essay on Frankenstein by Mary Shelley, you may notice that different characters play different roles. By comparing and contrasting the major characters and portraying their qualities, you will never go wrong. Also, you will be able to impress your reader by showing how different events and outcomes are linked in a story.
  3. Look for appropriate examples. No matter what subject you are uncovering in your essay, you need to support your arguments with appropriate textual evidence. This can be done only after a thorough reading of the manuscript. Many students commit the mistake when trying to write an in-depth analysis based only on the criticism. Yet, this approach has many flaws. Most probably, such an essay won`t bring you the desired outcome.
Now that you have a better understanding of a critical analysis essay on Frankenstein, you can start working on your assignment. To do it well, you need to select an appropriate topic, approve it with your tutor and get ready for the writing process. This process includes a couple of stages, including researching, brainstorming, outlining, writing, and revising. If you manage to dedicate a considerable amount of time and effort to each of these stages, the result of your work will match your expectations. If you are unsure how to write an essay on Frankenstein, you ought not to hesitate to ask for professional writing help. By finding a trustworthy writing companion, you will be able to enjoy your leisure without compromising your academic performance.

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Comic Book vs Graphic Novel: Is There Any Difference?

To get an answer to this question, you should understand the essence of these works. Now you already know the definition of a graphic novel. As for the comic, it is considered an excerpt from a larger narrative that uses illustrations as the instruments for narration. Most comic books are released on a regular basis in various newspapers and magazines. They are often parts of the long-running stories that can last for many years.

An inexperienced reader cannot understand the difference between graphic novel and comic book, though it is significant. The fans are aware of the characteristic features of both genres. Have a look at some features that make graphic novels differ greatly from comic books:

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