How to Spend Your Free Time in College

October 31, 2017

Most young people think that when they go to college it is going to be a huge marathon of parties with alcohol and plenty of sleepless nights with hangouts. As it turns out, when you are at college, you can engage in plenty of activities, even if you diligently visit all the classes and spend time on home assignments. Free time at college is a great chance to pick up a productive hobby.

I am entering the second year of college and have already tried a lot of various hobbies to fill my free time, some of which were really great and enjoyable. I have created a list of hobbies that every student can try as he or she makes the transition from life at home with the family into college life as an adult.


Running is great not just because it keeps you fit and healthy, but it also is a good lifestyle change to take up while being away from home. Many colleges provide students with gym memberships and have a gym at students’ disposal.

Staying healthy and working out is often the last thing on students’ minds in the excitement of going to college, but it certainly should be on the list.

First time in college


Before you skip this and say knitting is girly, you should know that it was a male-only activity first. In fact, the first knitting Union was founded in Paris in the far 1527 and women were forbidden to enter it.

Now, knitting is an inexpensive hobby. You can purchase most needles for beginners for less than $10 and the yarn for about $3. Besides, it is easy to learn via YouTube. The great thing about knitting is that it helps with anxiety due to the repetitive motions and feeling of accomplishment when you see how your knitting grows.


There is a library in every college. Why not to visit it and curl up with the book that you have wanted to read for a long time? If you cannot find the one you would like to read in your college library, go to the public library that is located in your area. Most public libraries do not charge for cards, and if they do, it is often not more than a couple of dollars.

You may also like the opportunity to join a book club or even create your own one through social networks or social events in college. You can meet as often as you would like and enjoy reading and discussing books.


When going to college for the first time, you will probably take too many notebooks with you. You have a great chance to use them! Create a bullet journal and use it for documenting your experience. Journaling is just writing down whatever you like and want. You do not have to follow any rules on having it. Due to this, journaling is a perfect hobby for you if you just want to do your own thing.


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