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Game of Thrones: top questions and answers

October 3, 2018

We have the excellent news for the fans of Games of Thrones. Our team has collected the most vital and exciting Game of Thrones questions, which everybody asked after watching the seventh season of this famous serial. Everyone agrees that it was the fantastic and magnificent season with many new characters, plot lines, intrigues, unexpected narrative closures, etc. However, although the 7th season was full of answers to the previous one, there also remained a lot of Game of Thrones questions about what would happen next. Many characters promised a lot, many situations are still unresolved, many enemies still exist, and the heroes are still looking for a "happy end," struggling with misunderstanding and ignorance.

Therefore, we have gathered top 10 Game of Thrones questions and answers, which the 8th season should reveal. Read on to know more about your favorite heroes and characters and find out about what will happen with their enemies.

Although we are 100 percent sure that all have seen the 7th season, still we should warn you – please, be careful with reading these Game of Thrones questions if you have not yet seen the 7th season. We will spoil some scenes and episodes.


We are all waiting for the 8th season to reveal these Game of Thrones questions and answers!


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