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Games, Comic Books, and Plays for Kids You Need

November 7, 2018

Have you ever thought about which games your children, siblings, or cousins play, or which comic books they read, or plays they watch? Recent surveys have stated that it becomes more and more popular to create multicultural games for 4-year-olds and comics books for kids. That is why adults do not understand or even do not like modern games or plays for kids since they are a little bit weird and “suspicious” for us. However, we should be conscious that you cannot forbid children to explore them just because you do not like them. Instead, you can encourage little boys and girls to choose train games designed especially for them. According to the World association comic books and train games for kids, new online games for 4-year-olds and comic books for kids aim to break the old culture stereotypes on the nationality, race, sex, etc. Thus, scientists believe that these new online train games for kids aspire to build a new world democracy system. Agree that it is much more pleasant to live in a world where everyone is equal and follows human rights. Therefore, we highly encourage you to read this short article we compiled for you in cooperation with psychologists, gamers, and government to help you to choose proper games, comics, and transmedia for our kids.

Could you believe that teacher recommends your kid play a phone game? It is possible if we are talking about train games for kids. Many new primary and secondary education associations encourage their teachers to implement games for 4-years-olds and comics books for kids during their lessons. The latest surveys confirm the positive effect of such teaching methods since what could be better than playing games and learning something interesting simultaneously?

Beautiful Indigenous Comic Books And Video Games For Kids

We recommend you the list of top train games for kids that will broaden their knowledge and views.

  1.  The first one called “Honour Water.” It is one of the train games that explains why the water is so vital in our life. Through singing songs, children find out how to preserve and protect water sources. It suits both iOS and Android.
  2. One of the next games for 4-year-olds and older is called “Thunderbird Strike.” It aims to explain to children the peculiarities of such natural phenomena as lightning and thunderstorm. The plot and the interface of all games are straightforward. Here, you should fight against the "black snake" and protect your territory.
  3. One of the popular train games is "Spirits of Spring." It consists of many different tasks and levels you should complete alone or with your friends online. It teaches children to play together, to respect each other, and to avoid bullying. Furthermore, it demonstrates the perfect model of nature-human cohabiting. Add it into your games list.
  4. "Never Alone" is the name of one of the train games that has deep historic roots. The main characters are a young girl from Alaska and her friend – a fox. They aim to save the entire world from something strange. The omniscient storyteller tells us  the history of Alaska. Furthermore, it teaches children to build up a strong friendship and count on your friends and relatives.
  5. One of the games for 4-year-olds and older is "Sleep Guardian." As you may guess, it teaches children why it is important to sleep at least 8-10 hours per day. You should protect the main character, a little girl, and help her to fall asleep. Also, it helps to cope with nightmares since the game explains that it is only our imagination and there are no real reasons to be afraid of your bad dreams.
  6. "Invaders" and "Survivance" are the titles of the next two train games for kids. Both of them aim to teach your child to think logically and analyze information quickly. It motivates them to communicate with others and be open-minded. Furthermore, both include some surviving strategies all kids like to explore.
  7. Do you like puzzle train games? If yes, then you will like "Gravity Ghost." It is a simple puzzle game for children of almost all ages. Some argue that it is too dull for the new generation. However, the game developers have updated it and made it perfect even for a very demanding customer. This game aims to teach children how to concentrate their attention, cope with difficulties, and successfully finish each their case.
  8. Our next recommended game from the list of the best train games for kids is called "Path of the Elders." This game tells us about the Treaty 9 – a well-known agreement in Canada in 1905. With the help of interactive tasks and multiple choices tests, children can easily find out all the details of this historic event. Furthermore, it teaches us to love our past, old people, and be thankful for all we have right now. It perfectly suits for primary and secondary schools!
  9. There are also some eternal train games for kids even your parents play. For example, who does not know about "Making Camp," "Spirit Lake," "Forgotten Trail," or "Fish Lake." All these games will be exciting to play alone or together in a big company.

Nowadays, it is also popular to read comic books for kids to improve their reading skills. We offer you the most popular and high-rated comic books for kids of different ages.

  •  "Naw-Pea" or NAPI is the main character all children love for his unpredictability and adventures all over the world. It helps your kids to explore the world quickly and make their journey breathtaking. Furthermore, this journal releases each month on another topic. There are also different reading levels for all ages.
  • Do you like traveling? If yes, then "The Secret of the Starts" is for you. It is one of the comic books that helps to learn about our planet and natural phenomena. The main character is a young man who travels around the world and explains interesting and gripping facts about nature and the world around us. Moreover, he teaches us how to cope with our first problems that seem enormously big.
  • "The Wool of Jonesy" is perfect for those who want to find out more about life after high school. The main character personally checks all stereotypes, illusions, and myths on this topic.
  • If you want to come back to a hundred years ago, "Hero Twins" is for you. It is one of the comic books for kids where you can find a short historical background of the 1860s and find out about two brave twins who aimed to protect children on the southwest. Thus, a lot of children want to be like these two heroes.
  • If the previous comic book was mostly for boys, "Sila and the Land" perfectly suits for girls. The authors are three young women from different countries. They created this comic book aiming to explain to children that there is no difference where you live, we should take care of our planet. Many picturesque and colorful images make this journal one of the best comic books for kids.

There are also some plays for kids, but they are less popular than the previous two categories.

However, we highly recommend you watch the transmedia "Kagagi: The Raven" and "Sesquie VR: Meridian." The first one is a novel about a 16-year old boy who is a superhero and has to save the world. The second one is a composite of six stories. You can choose one by yourself and influence the final results of the story by your actions. Both plays for kids are available online on different webs.

Although all these games, comic books, and plays are for kids, we highly encourage you to play, to read, and to watch together with your children, cousins, brothers, and sisters. First of all, you will spend priceless time together; just believe our professional team and readers’ feedback. Second, you will understand better a new young generation and even maybe change your thoughts and views.

We hope this article was useful to you and your kids!

See you!

Good luck!


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