Gamify your studies

April 11, 2017

Do you know what the gamification of learning is?

It’s the application of the principles of video games to learning. Bet you remember how you were compelled to continue playing Super Mario, Tomb Rider, or any other game. Imagine how cool it would be if you could study in the same mood! If you incorporate the principles of video games into your study process, you will make it more interesting. It can be such principles as design, narrative, leader-boards, and reward schemes. Wanna know how to do it? Read on!


  •  Add a narrative to your studies. All interesting video games have a storyline that makes you feel involved and anticipates the following events. Of course, it probably won’t suit all the subjects, but you may try. For example, your invented story might include a journey you’re undertaking through a fantasy land. You may encounter monsters on your way and use your knowledge to defeat them. To make this story interesting, you need to use all your imagination and creativity. By doing this, you’ll do two things at once – have fun and make the material stick in your head.
  • Utilize reward schemes and leader-boards. It’s a powerful motivator not only in video games, but also in studies. If you have a leader-board in your classroom, it will encourage you to do better. You can also create one in your study group or with your friends. Keep the records within your team to see who is winning, and reward the winner with a special prize in the end.
  • Change the terminology. Giving new names to habitual terms will help you see your school work in a new light and make everything funnier. Use the names from your favorite books (such as Harry Potter, for example) or invent the new ones. If there’s a subject or a topic that is hard for you, you can use this approach, as well. For instance, if you can’t learn a chemical formula, give the names of some characters to the elements and invent a story where all of them interact.
  • Create a gamified study environment. In your group of friends, each one should take a particular role. For example, in the philosophy course, you can take the roles of different philosophers and conduct a discussion representing their views. To do this well, you’ll have to study them in depth. While playing, you will let each other understand and memorize the viewpoints of each philosopher.
  • Master your subject. You can perceive your study process as if it had different levels. This helps you overcome obstacles and improve your experience. Mastering each new topic, you attain the next level. Reach the highest level by the end of the school year!

If you struggle to remain motivated during the study process, try these tips. They’ll make everything much more enjoyable and increase your imagination skills!


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