Writing an essay, you get an opportunity to reach a particular audience, share your ideas and demonstrate how good you are at researching, making the flow of thoughts logical and convincing, and inspiring others. Learn what makes a good leader essay and use that knowledge for your own benefit. First of all, do not forget that only profound study and quality research construct a foundation for your knowledge and your well-written text. It is essential to get sufficient evidence as valid support for the ideas and convince the readers that all your claims deserve their attention. The topic of leadership is broad, giving the writers plenty of ideas to explore and discuss. It is natural to start the paper with an introductory section as the readers have to be aware what they will read about.

What Makes a Good Leader Essay: Expert Tips for Inexperienced Students

Actuality of the Topic

One of the requirements that essays on leadership have is making the writers reflect on their personal experience and cases which helped them demonstrate their leadership abilities and traits. It is wrong to start writing without getting a clear idea of what ideas will be presented in the text. It is not a must to focus on some business leadership or special activities done at work or any organizations. It is also appropriate to discuss how you have revealed your leadership qualities at the level of your family, circle of acquaintances, or volunteering activities. You can start reflecting about the experience of leadership after you have identified which focus area will be chosen for this particular essay. Learn all the standards of academic writing and get to know what makes a good leader essay prior to actual writing. The best approach is to develop an essay outline first.

Example of an Effective Outline


  1. Hook: the concept of leadership and your personal experience of a leader
  2. Thesis

Paragraphs of the Body

Body paragraph 1

  1. Aspects of leadership: which traits of character make a good leader

Body paragraph 2

  1. Good leaders: which characteristics are essential
  2. Necessary knowledge and personal experience needed to lead others

Body paragraph 3

  1. Open-mindedness and flexibility
  2. Excellent communication skills


  1. Call for action given via thesis rephrasing
  2. Traits of a good leader: summary

Starting Essay Writing

An essay should include an introduction to let readers get acquainted with the paper and understand which arguments you are going to present. This first section is supposed to be a chance for you to make the readers excited about reading further. You can create a ‘wow’ effect by making the introduction perfectly written; thus, you will ensure that the readers will receive the whole paper much better than if they were not ready for your ideas on the topic.

An introduction will look professional if it gives the topic for discussion with the use of descriptive vocabulary to grasp the attention of the readers from the first sentences. It is much better if the examples in the essay are taken from your own personal experience related to demonstrating leadership. As an alternative, it is possible to refer to the experience of an outstanding person who is a leader and a source of inspiration for others. The first section will introduce the topic and contain approximately three-four sentences and a thesis statement presented in a single sentence to give a clear idea of leadership.

Working on a leadership essay, try to take into account the following guidelines:

  1. An excellent hook will boost the readers’ interest and make them prepared to the remaining parts of the essay.
  2. A great thesis statement should be stated in a clear manner to exemplify the whole paper.
  3. An introductory paragraph should not contain any original arguments.
  4. The arguments should be only mentioned in the introduction to be further presented in the body.
  5. The introductory paragraph is a perfect place for background details.

Writing a Great Thesis Statement

A thesis statement will be good if all the research findings are collected to identify the main point for discussion. It is recommendable to comprise all the main ideas in one sentence or no more than two sentences. Your thesis statement is supposed to be accurate and concise to make a summary of the overall essay argument.

Writing the Body

An essay body has three paragraphs included. Each of the paragraphs is devoted to the elaboration of a certain idea or topic. It is important to get to know what makes a good leader essay and provide sufficient evidence and examples for the justification of every new aspect to be revealed. Each new point for discussion should be presented in a new paragraph. Starting to read a new paragraph, it is essential for the readers to see transitions and clear relation with the previous paragraphs.

Mind that there should be a topic sentence in every body paragraph for linking the arguments with the essay main theme. Body sections with examples and strong arguments should be not shorter than five sentences to give a particular argument about leadership.

You can find it helpful to use some personal anecdotes for boosting the essay arguments. Focusing on the traits of perfect leaders in the thesis sentence, you should present the examples of great leaders and their characteristics in the essay paragraphs. Apply all the details gathered in the course of your research to prove that the qualities of a good leader are presented in a proper way. Besides, there should be clear connections between the ideas and transitions between the sentences of the body paragraphs; otherwise, the text will not sound as coherent.


A final part of an essay is a concluding one with the last opportunity for the author to influence the readers. A conclusion is viewed as a good one if it not only refers to the thesis, but also gives a summary of the key points of the essay with its formulated claim. The whole paper is summarized and tied up with a concluding paragraph with the reinforced statement of the thesis. Mind that no new ideas or arguments should be added. The purpose of the author is to convince the audience that the paper deserves their attention; thus, the language should be persuasive and readers should be left with some ideas to reflect on after they are done with reading.

November 26, 2019
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