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The Best Google Doodles Ever

July 8, 2016

Google. This word is familiar to any of us. Every day we face it at home, at work, having free time, looking for something to watch, something to listen to or something to read. Anyway, it penetrated into our life so deep that daily one can`t imagine his work or leisure without using it. Each moment is connected with Gmail, Google Drive, Google+ and much more products that help us to work effectively, have a good rest or use our free time in the best way. Company is working daily trying to improve the quality of services provided, making Internet surfing fast and convenient.

One of outstanding features created by Google is their doodles dedicated to some events. They are created to light up search routine and remind you about something that happened these days many years ago. The idea itself included creating small pictures styled like company’s logo, animated pictures or even small games that are related to events of this day.

Definitely, such an approach helped to engage much more people into Google search by visiting company homepage with a colorful doodle-reminding of something special. Here you can find 5 best of them.


Each doodle is definitely a result of a great teamwork and creative thinking. It impresses users worldwide and makes daily working routine a bit more colorful and fun. Our thanks go to Google Doodle team!


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