Great Ideas for Your Personal Essays Topics Part 1

October 21, 2016

Great Ideas for Your Personal Essays Topics

When you write a personal essay, you let the reader get an insight into your life, your personality, and experience. To make your paper successful, you should be careful while choosing the topic. Hopefully, the topics suggested below will inspire you and help you write an excellent essay.

  • A place you consider special.
  • Something you would like to invent.
  •  A life-changing event that ever happened to you.
  • The day you faced and had to deal with your worst fear.
  • Thing that disappointed you in the greatest way.
  • The best moment from your life.
  • The hardest decision you ever had to make.
  • You definition of success.
  • The day you and your closest friend met.

Great Ideas for Your Personal Essays Topics Part 1

  • Your biggest failure.
  • Your favorite era or period from the history.
  • The country you would like to live in.
  • The unique traits of your family.
  • What your pet would say if they could speak.
  • Your favorite moment from a movie.
  • Day when you’ve seen an occasional circumstances change.
  • Something you secretly like.
  • What animal you would choose to be.
  • The luckiest day in your life.
  • The super power you would want to have.
  • The most hurtful words for you.
  • The moment you demonstrated extraordinary bravery.
  • Strange and weird life moment that you experienced.


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