Great Ideas for Your Personal Essays Topics Part 2

October 28, 2016

Struggling with your personal eswsay writing? Choose topic from the list below and prepare greatest writing assignment ever. Good topic is half of a deal, so choose wisely. Get more with!

  • Life moment that scared you the most.
  • What you value the most in your family.
  • The greatest misfortune or loss in your life.
  • The discovery you consider the best.
  • The most life-changing book for you.
  • Why telling lies is bad.
  • What you would change about yourself.

Great Ideas for Your Personal Essays Topics Part 2

  • The most repulsive thing, you have ever seen.
  • One of the world’s museums you’d like want to visit.
  • What changes to the world would you make.
  • The life decision you consider to be the worst.
  • Greatest choice of your entire life.
  • Charity type you’d like to take part in.
  • The most irresistible thing for you.
  • The animal you would propose as a world leader.
  • The moment in your life you wanted to hide from everyone.
  • How you would spend a million dollars.
  • The most important lesson from your childhood.
  • A life-changing accident you experienced.
  • The most wonderful thing you saw in your life.
  • The talent no one knows you have.
  • The hardest lesson you ever had to learn.
  • The most difficult words you ever have had to tell someone.
  • The gift of your dream.


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