Great Narrative Essay Topics (part 2)

September 2, 2016

If you haven't found THE topic for your narrative essay here, try one of these:

  • My favorite gadget.
  • How I would spend a million dollars.
  • My most favorite toy ever.
  • A charm I find lucky.
  • My earliest memory. This is another one of those interesting narrative essay topics for college students, in part because everyone’s earliest memories are entirely unique. 
  • What I remember about being five.
  • If I lived on my very own planet.
  • The worst day I ever had weather-wise.
  • If I could go back in time.
  • The changes I would make to myself.
  • The best thing that was ever invented.
  • A story that made me laugh out loud.

Great Narrative Essay Topics (part 2)

  • The career I would most like to have.
  • The school rules I would change if I could.
  • A secret talent I have. When choosing narrative essay topics, this is another idea worth considering. Hidden talents sometimes come as a real surprise and are often of an innovative nature.  
  • Something great I achieved.
  • The things I would do if I was invisible.
  • Something that disappeared.
  • The nicest thing I ever owned.
  • The toughest choice I’ve ever had to make. 
  • The top five things I would most like to give up. 
  • What I would most love to own.
  • A place I would love to go on a cruise to.
  • Which country I would live in if I could choose where to live.
  • The television program I would make up if I were given the opportunity.


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