No matter what topic you select for your narrative essay, you will be telling your readers something about your own life experiences or your hopes, dreams and opinions or you will be answering a question. It is hoped the list of narrative essay topics below will stir your creative juices and help you find the right topic for your assignment.   

  • What animal I would choose as a pet.
  • What gadget I would invent.
  • If I could see only one color.
  • The food I most like.
  • A secret place I hide.
  • A very odd thing I saw.
  • The most unbelievable thing I ever saw.
  • Who I would like to swap places with for just one week.
  • The place I would most like to live.
  • A secret I have kept. This is a good topic for narrative essays because most people have some interesting secret.
  • The task I most dislike doing.
  • The toughest lesson of my life.
  • An incident that was hugely embarrassing.
  • The most memorable trip I have taken.
  • An occasion when I got completely lost.
  • The place I would most like to take a vacation.
  • What I believe the world will be like in fifty years’ time.
  • What is kept under my bed.
  • What animal I would most like to become.
  • An animal I met that was really fascinating. Subject matter about animals usually makes good narrative essay topics.
  • My idol.
  • The superhero I most like.
  • The thing I find most beautiful in this world.
  • An occasion when my parents were absolutely right.
  • The five items I would find most difficult to give up.
  • My favorite gadget.
  • How I would spend a million dollars.
  • My most favorite toy ever.
  • A charm I find lucky.
  • My earliest memory. This is another one of those interesting narrative essay topics for college students, in part because everyone’s earliest memories are entirely unique.
  • What I remember about being five.
  • If I lived on my very own planet.
  • The worst day I ever had weather-wise.
  • If I could go back in time.
  • The changes I would make to myself.
  • The best thing that was ever invented.
  • A story that made me laugh out loud.
  • The career I would most like to have.
  • The school rules I would change if I could.
  • A secret talent I have. When choosing narrative essay topics, this is another idea worth considering. Hidden talents sometimes come as a real surprise and are often of an innovative nature.  
  • Something great I achieved.
  • The things I would do if I was invisible.
  • Something that disappeared.
  • The nicest thing I ever owned.
  • The toughest choice I’ve ever had to make.
  • The top five things I would most like to give up.
  • What I would most love to own.
  • A place I would love to go on a cruise to.
  • Which country I would live in if I could choose where to live.
  • The television program I would make up if I were given the opportunity.
February 27, 2019
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