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December 30, 2016

Having spent four days with my girlfriend in Sydney, I have finally returned home. I spent my childhood in Sydney, and it is always cool to come back. Spending time out of the office was great as well, because a few days before the trip were just horrible. However, something strange constantly chased me in Sydney – thoughts about work. Why strange? I never think about my job as soon as I walk out of the front door. Never have I ever thought about work during holidays. This did not happen to me until I began to work for myself.

I have noticed that wherever I am in Sydney, I immediately start to think about ideas for my articles: visit a new restaurant – possible review is on my thought, make a not-far trip – future travel story. Everywhere I went, I began to think about things to write about.

While my girlfriend was trying on new clothes, I found myself thinking about new ideas and the way to fulfill them on paper. I had already understood that all the ideas are valuable; eventually, they can be combined into a nice piece of writing. Nevertheless, I did not perceive it as thinking about the work – I felt relaxed and still happy.

Getting into the Head Space of a Writer

I have read dozens of articles on combining both work and life when you are not at home. The best thing about me is that this issue does not bother me anymore. I was really excited about writing, and now I feel like not able to live without it.

Therefore, I decided to gather some practical pieces of advice on how not to miss your writing ideas.

Notebook is a must. Moreover, it would be better to use solid-spine cover rather than soft one. Always remember – do not rip out your pages! You may not like your ideas for the first time, but it can become a part of something bigger soon.

It is not a local newspaper – no censorship, please. Later, you will organize your thoughts into a nice piece of writing, but what concerns your ideas is that they must be written raw, with no changes.

If you do not want to lose your ideas, small pieces of paper would be a bad place to write on. However, always write new thoughts down. There have been several mistakes that I made in the past when I forgot to write down, as it seemed to me, revolutionary ideas. You never know when your memory fails.

Make sure you know how to systematize the ideas. I still have a few thoughts about this point, but I already realize that this is a significant issue to think about. If you write your thoughts down, remember to go back to and use them. There would be no sense if you wrote a thought and did not review it.  Embrace all the recent ideas into a project, and perhaps you will get something worthwhile.

Words on paper are ok, but it will be much more beneficial if you take photos related to the thoughts you have just noted. This method saved a lot of my works, and I am proud of myself when I combine notes and pictures.

Now, after I have shared my ideas, and you are ready not to lose yours, let me turn some of my recently made notes into a nice piece of writing.


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