How America Celebrates Independence Day

July 4, 2017

Since 1976, America has been celebrating one of the most important to the US history holidays, the birth of American independence. Though it was declared a federal holiday only in 1941, the Fourth of July or Independence Day (both variants are commonly used) had been considered to be a patriotic one since the very beginning. It is the time when Americans celebrate their freedom and liberty fought by their ancestors, go on vacations and enjoy parades, fireworks, and other festivities devoted to Independence Day.

Historic Background

The reason for signing the Declaration of Independence was a year lasting conflict between England and the colonies. The colonists’ desire to get independence from Great Britain developed into a radical decision to adopt the Lee’s Resolution for Independence on July 4th in 1776.

On July 1st, 1776, the committee, which consisted of Thomas Jefferson, John Adams, Roger Sherman, Benjamin Franklin and Robert R. Livingston, was appointed and a formal statement was drafted. Till the afternoon of July 4th, the Declaration of Independence, which justified the separation from Great Britain, was officially adopted.

Happy Americans


Early annual festivities were accompanied by concerts and parades, bonfires and firing of cannons as well as reading the Declaration on public. Present time celebrations do not differ too much from the previous traditions. However, it has become more a family holiday, when relatives go on a picnic, wear clothes of red, blue and white colors, hang the American flag outside their homes, switch on some patriotic music, visit parades, have fun and finish their day enjoying the watching of impressive fireworks. In 1938, the Fourth of July became a paid holiday, so people started to use the opportunity and go on a vacation during this period of time.

All public events organized on this day are aimed at expressing Americans’ gratitude for what they possess and supporting the heritage and great history of the USA. “God Bless America” is the most popular slogan you can hear on Independence Day.


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