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How to Believe in Yourself

February 10, 2017

The most destructive thing you can do is listening to other people’s opinion of you. This concerns me as I have fallen prey to this kind of behavior for a huge part of my life. Now I realize that in most cases, my negative self-talk was caused by other people’s voices in my head.

Do you relate? Do you often take to heart others’ points of view not even challenging their validity? Were there situations when you held on to a person’s comment for days or weeks without stopping to question if you have to take his or her opinion on board? Think well, whose points of view are you holding onto? Is it your mother, father, friend, partner, or college professor? Do comments by the strangers negatively affect how you feel about yourself?

It is only our parents’ opinion that can rattle us to our core. When we are kids, we believe everything our mom and dad say about us, whether it is good or bad. Yes, this is not the best news.

You are an adult now

However, here is the good news. As an adult, you are free to make up your own mind. You should form your own points of view, define your own worth and call your own shots. You have to make up your mind concerning who you are. You can ignore or disagree with numerous repugnant opinions from absolute strangers. You have to decide what things about yourself you believe in. There is great news; you are able to do it at any time!

If you listen to other people’s opinions without challenging them, you allow those people to define your worth. You do not need any awkward or uncomfortable conversations with others to define your own worth as you can do it yourself!

As much as you love the people in your life, it is time to listen to your inner voice and make your own decision on who you are.

Stop Listening To Other People's Opinions and Start Believing In Yourself

Improve your self-talk

How you speak to yourself is extremely important. You can improve your whole life by only improving your self-talk. I did not realize my own worth earlier. I used to constantly compare myself to other people and feel inadequate. I used to doubt myself and feel non-confident. I listened to that nasty voice in my head and believed it. I took to heart all the negative opinions people had about me and that became the voice in my head, which I would be guided by. I became my own enemy, self-flagellating myself every day.

However, I managed to turn that around. I started my self-improvement, stopped putting myself down, and began to do everything I wanted to do. Eventually, I learned to accept and love myself for who I am. Being thankful for yourself provides you with a better foundation to cope with all the difficulties you face.


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