Breaking Up with a Person without Breaking Heart

August 18, 2017

Split-ups are always stressful. The length and nature of your relationship matter, but you still have to make someone feel unwanted. The feelings of guilt and awkwardness can be overwhelming, especially if the person you are about to hurt is great, but just not good for you personally.

On the other hand, break-ups are natural and common. Unsuccessful relationships are much more usual than the successful ones. That means that ending a romantic relationship is not a tragedy, but a factor of life and there are ways to do it in a proper way. Here are 5 tips on how to part on good terms with someone you’ve dated.

Mind the location

Surprisingly, the place, where you will have the final conversation as a couple, matters. You’ll need a quiet, private space that will allow you to express your feelings and talk about the things of great importance. Just remember that going to the home of one of you can make the things even more awkward than talking in public, most because of the expectations.

Explain your reasoning

Make the other person understand how you feel about him or her and why the relationship you have would not work out. Here, honesty will be the best way, because genuine reasons are hard to ignore. Mind that this tip will not work if you have already done something unpleasant like cheated on your partner.

How to break up a relationship and still stay friends

Demonstrate how regretful you are

Nothing will make your ex-partner feel better than seeing that ending a relationship with him/her is painful for you as well. Even if the break-up was necessary, it does not mean that you can’t feel sad about it. Try to show that you care about the person in question, despite not wanting to be romantically involved anymore.

Emphasize why friendship with your partner is important to you

Make the person feel valued by explaining why friendship with him/her is so important to you. Describe why you are still attracted to him/her, despite not wanting to be romantically involved. Recall how much fun you’ve had together and point out that you do not have to have a sexual or romantic connection to enjoy your mutual interests together. Look at the body language and face expressions to understand whether your partner welcomes this line of reasoning. If he/she is not listening to you or does not like what you’re saying, do not press too hard.

Give your partner the right to choose the nature of your relationship

You have already changed your relationship by breaking up, so give the power back to your ex-partner and let him/her decide whether he or she wants to pursue friendship with you or not. Be patient and accept whatever choice your ex-partner makes.

Hopefully, these tips will help you soften the blow and make the break-up less painful, both for you and your partner.


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