How to Get Prepared In Case You Get Sick in College

October 4, 2016

It is unpleasant to feel sick while studying at college. Firstly, you feel weak and lost. Secondly, your relatives cannot take care of you. Finally, there are a lot of urgent items in your to-do list that cannot wait until you get better. On the other hand, everyone gets sick sooner or later and this is not the end of the world. Read this article and you will find out what to do if you get sick in college.

What to Do If You Get Sick in College

Health care tips for college students

  1. If you are going to miss a class, notify your professor. If you know that your absence may cause problems, make sure your professor is aware of the situation. In case you have a test, presentation, or other important class, your professor will give you a chance to submit it later.
  2. Take a rest. If you keep carrying out different tasks while feeling bad, you are running the risk of getting even sicker. So, slow down and take some rest. Of course, it may be frustrating that you cannot follow your usual lifestyle. On the other hand, you may stay in bed all day long not feeling guilty.
  3. Drink a lot and eat healthy. Actually, a healthy diet may be a challenge in college, but you should think first about your health. So, try to eat food your mother would prepare for you when you were sick at home. Your diet should include fresh fruit and vegetables, tea, warm water and soup.
  4. Ask your roommates for assistance. If you feel too weak to go out, ask your roommates to buy some medicine for you. Sometimes even basic pills like DayQuil or aspirin may help you feel much better.  
  5. Check up at campus health center. If your illness continues longer than a day or two, do not postpone your visit to a doctor. Health care professionals at your campus health center will diagnose you and prescribe a correct medicine.
  6. Contact your professors when you feel bad for more than two days. Keep your professors informed of your health conditions if you are going to miss more classes. It should also be done if you miss the deadlines of important assignments.
  7. Create a to-do list. Life in college runs fast and there will be a lot of things to catch up with after you get better. Start right now! Create a to-do list and indicate important homework to be completed. You may even start reading your text books when you feel a little bit better.

Remember that getting sick in college is not a disaster when you know how to deal with your problem. Use these college students tips and take your time to recover!


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