How to Get Ready for a New Semester in College?

August 8, 2018

While the days at school have a tendency to hang heavy, holidays always pass by with lightning speed. Undeniably, there are lots of things to see to before starting a new semester, like paying tuition, ordering books, or sometimes even fulfilling homework assignments. Apart from them, there are some other not less significant self-preparation tasks you should take care of, such as returning to a regular sleeping schedule and setting and defining new personal goals. Here is presented handy information about everything you should be prepared for before going to school. Keeping it in mind will help you to have a great semester and unforgettable memories.

Book textbooks

Ordering books beforehand will free you from worries that they might not be delivered in time. You also cannot predict when a book can be on back-order or out of stock for some time, so it is advisable to get prepared and order your books as soon as they are available on the web.

Settle tuition bills

Paying tuition fees is not the most pleasant thing to do but you can't avoid it. Besides, nobody wants to pay extra late fees. That's why settle all your tuition bills as soon as possible to avoid troubles and overpaying.

Check Your Scholarships/ Financial Aid

If you have received financial aid or scholarships this semester, make sure you have gone through all the necessary procedures to get your payment. For instance, I receive a scholarship that renews every semester but only provided that I send my previous semester marks to prove that my GPA corresponds to a certain level. Some other scholarships may ask you to fill in a form to mail-in or write an essay.

How to Prepare for a New Semester-

Create a Budget

Tuition and college fees, as well as living expenses, can increase in price very quickly. Before starting a new semester in college, create a new budget to plan out and control your expenses on housing, food, utilities, etc. Use this budget to keep a track of your expenses and reference it throughout the next few months.

The Amazon budget planner will come in handy when it comes to managing your time and expenses. A good point of it is that it has space where you can put down things you are most thankful for each morning, write to-do lists and notes.

Another way of controlling your money is using Mint. You can either download it or use online. By means of it, you can create a budget, view upcoming bills, check your credit balance, etc.

Set achievable aims

Set yourself attainable aims which you can attain within 2 months. The examples are plentiful: to keep your current GPA average, run a certain distance each week, devote 30 minutes to learning Spanish, etc.
Jot your goals down on a small index card and put it into your pocket – somewhere where you can always take a look having a tough day or when it seems that your goals are unreachable.

Fill in your planner

The majority of professors upload the syllabus earlier than the semester starts. It's advisable for you to take a look at it and make your own copy. Then put down all the due dates, examinations, and assignments stated in the syllabus so that you always keep in mind what must be done during the semester.

Writing with a different colored pen or highlighter for each class will make it easier for you to find the information for the class you need.

Fix your regular sleeping schedule

It always happens that students have an unsteady sleeping schedule. Waking up bright and early, staying late on campus, pulling an all-nighter, and then waking up early in the morning impel students to catch up with a sleep during holidays. As a result, it gets hard to get back to a regular sleeping schedule and wake up early in the morning again. To avoid stress and inconveniences, set your alarm earlier each morning the week before school starts to get prepared for those appalling 8a.m. classes.

Buy school supplies

Don't procrastinate buying stuff needed for school till the last day. If you live in a big college town, it can get hard to buy all your notebooks, index cards, pens, and folders, as students come back to the town after a break and start searching for school supplies as well and supermarkets turn into a madhouse. Thus, it's better to go to Walmart in advance and buy everything in a relaxing and unhurried atmosphere.

Stay positive!

The way you think may influence your academic success. That's why, get rid of your depressing thoughts as the new semester is approaching and you definitely don't want it to start on a bad note. Beyond a doubt, nobody likes sitting exams, listening to boring lectures, cramming all might, and burning the midnight oil fulfilling home assignments. However, staying optimistic and trying to draw an advantage of everything will help you to sail through your semester keeping a stiff upper lip.

Try to concentrate on the reasons why you are going to school, what you want to achieve, and the career path you want to follow. Think of some trivial things that make you happy each day, and don't forget to integrate studying with having fun.

Hang a memo board in your dorm room and print photos of your nearest and dearest and things you miss most of all about your holidays. It will motivate you to sail through all semesters in college with absolute ease.

In conclusion, remember that the way you start your new semester will have a far-reaching effect on your academic success and mood during it. That is why, be optimistic, believe in yourself, set attainable goals, and do not forget to have fun while studying hard as having a great semester is all not only about having excellent grades but also having unforgettable memories and wonderful time with your classmates.


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