How to Keep Your Resolutions

December 15, 2017

How many times did you make a resolution to do or not to do something and ended up just nowhere? What happened to your promises to give up smoking, to exercise three times a week, to be nicer to people or whatever other resolutions you’ve made?

According to psychology professors, there is a number of reasons why people aren’t able to stick to their resolutions. For example, Timothy Pychyl assumes that most of us simply aren’t ready to alter a particular habit, while, Peter Herman suggests the idea of the absence of alignment between unrealistic goals and internal view of oneself. Others explain our failures by the cause and effect relationships or the wrong choice of approaches we select to achieve an aim. Whatever reason prevents us from keeping our resolution, there is always more than one way out. If you want to make your promise to yourself be something more than just an idle talk, read on some tips to help you make it work.

Keeping your resolutions

Amazing tips

Think twice before formulating a resolution. This means your resolution has to be specific, time-related, hence, achievable. Instead of “becoming a millionaire” think of “finding job with career prospects” or “saving $300 from each salary”. Such actions will bring you closer to the goals not missing the area of focus. 

Change lifestyle to change undesired habits. The difficulty most of us face with while keeping a resolution is the inability to get outside our comfort zone and put enough efforts to accept changes. We get used to our routines in a way we procrastinate inserting something new in our life till the next Monday, next month or the beginning of the next year. Start putting resolutions into your schedule to make them work.

Move on gradually but confidently. The wind of changes shouldn’t necessarily be radical. It’s not as simple as it might seem to start life from scratch. You can’t lose weight simply going on a diet for a week and then complaining about a failure to get rid of extra 15 kilos. At first, it’s vital to start exercising twice a week, then to slowly increase the number of days and hours you go into sports, to be more conscious of food you consume and only then expect the achievement of the desired results.

Make the list of reasons why you want to change something. To stay motivated and not leave everything on the halfway of implementing your resolution, make it your habit to write down a list of reasons why you’ve decided to do something. This will assist you in going on in moments of disillusionment.

Look for means of staying motivated. Remember that relying only on your level of firmness of purpose may sometimes be quite hazardous as it’s a human’s nature to lose interest and be in need of someone or something that will motivate you and remind about the significance and usefulness of your resolution. Have someone to keep you responsible or keep responsible on your own setup reminders, writing down lists, creating wallpapers on your phone or checkpoints that would help you not to give up.

In a nutshell, keep on doing instead of talking about your resolutions. Get prepared to the possible barriers that may occur on your way as well as don’t be afraid to let new experience enter your life. You set your own limits. Be brave to change for better.


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