How to Keep Your Technological Life in Order

January 9, 2018

Orderliness and clarity are very important things in modern life. For example, it is difficult to concentrate and start working in a dirty, uncleaned room. The same thing could be applied to technological life, if you do not put in order your social networks, email, and files on your mobile phone and computer, it all will distract you from studying and working so much. Here are some tips on how to streamline your technological life.

How to Put Things in Order on Your Phone and Computer


Many people receive a lot of unnecessary letters every day. Most email users spend more time reading and deleting promotional letters than acquainting with really important emails. It often happens that someone subscribes to an online store in the hope of getting a discount and get such unwanted advertisements. Think about whether you want to delete these emails, or sort them into a separate folder. If you decided to remove all this spam, first you need to unsubscribe from all the sites. It is very easy. Usually, there is a link in every advertising letter, by clicking on which, you can cancel the subscription. It takes just a few seconds, so do not be lazy to do this. Then you will only have to find the rest of the unwanted letters from such sites and delete them for all time.


Phone and Computer

Remove all programs that you once downloaded and never used from your smartphone. They take away the free space of the phone. In case of necessity, any program can be downloaded again, so remove them without doubting. Delete also unnecessary information, if you constantly lack memory of your phone, delete duplicate photos, for example, dozens of monotonous selfies. In case all your photos are important, just transfer them to the computer or USB flash drive and you will be able to make new photos again.

The same goes for your PC. It is always hard to find something in a dirty room with several piles of rubbish. Similarly, it is difficult to work with files when there is a lot of trash. Create several folders and sort all your documents. Remove everything unnecessary. Review the folders with downloads from time to time, and delete files that you no longer need.

Social networks

Almost everyone in the modern world enjoys social networks. Many people believe that social media is a complete waste of time and the grand illusion of a desirable, virtual life. In fact, this is not always the case; most users use these sites to communicate and receive new useful information. Check back from time to time the pages you are subscribed to. Delete the groups and accounts that you are no longer interested in and that do not carry any important information for you. This also could be applied to the list of your friends, delete people you do not know or do not communicate for a long time. A large number of friends and pages will clutter up your page and distract you.


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