You have had a story that you wanted to tell to the wide audience but you failed to find the efficient instruments to do it? This annoying idea has been living in your head for months or even years? You are going to write a fantastic piece but you do not know how to make a webcomic? If you are stuck and do not know how to start a webcomic, we have gathered the list of steps to be taken to become a successful comic writer.

Undoubtedly, creating a webcomic is a particularly challenging task. However, at the same time, if done correctly, it is tremendously interesting and rewarding. We assure you that once you complete your comic, you will be proud of all the efforts you have done to create such a marvelous piece.

How to make a webcomic

Why Do You Want to Create a Web Comic?

Perhaps, your primary goal is to make money. It is an absolutely normal desire but you should understand that not all comics bring money to their authors. Even more, most comics do not bring money to their authors (except for DC and Marvel comics, of course). So, if you are creating your comic only to make money, it is a wrong strategy. However, if you want to tell the interesting story that lives in your head, go ahead! Being told professionally, your story may bring you good revenue. So, why do you not give it a try?

Consider All Elements of a Successful Comic

Before you start, you need to clearly understand what are the essential elements of a good comic. Yes, you have the story to write, but what are the other elements that should be taken into consideration?

  • A comic outline. Having a story to write, most probably, you will want to skip this point but you should not do it. Thinking about your story for several months, there is a high possibility you will miss something. As such, before you start creating you comic, make sure to understand what texts and visuals will be included in your comic and create the outline that will serve as the guideline for your work;
  • Write down the script for your comic adhering to the industry standards. If you do not possess excellent writing skills and find it difficult to put your ideas into the paper, feel free to hire a professional writer, who will do it instead of you;
  • How do you plan to publish your comic? Maybe you want to release it as the smartphone app? Or do you want it to be done in a simple PDF? It is up to you. Think carefully on your goals and decide which form to choose.

Start Writing Your Comic!

Want to understand how to make a webcomic? No matter if you are a beginner or an experienced comic writer, you will need to work in accordance with the common algorithm.

  • Create a comic outline.

Before you start, you need to know your protagonist and all the events you are going to present in your comic. Create an outline in which you will identify your main characters and the events happening with them. Your outline should not be too long but it should focus on the key aspects you are going to present in your comic. After all, your comic should tell the story with impressive twists, so you need to think of every detail to engage your audience.

  • Write a script.

Basically, you just need to extend your outline. Follow your outline point-by-point adding more details to the description of events. Also, writing a script requires following the rules mentioned below:

  1. Use no more than 35 words per page (more words will turn your comic into a short essay);
  2. The character speaking first should always appear on the left to help the reader understand the dialog;
  3. Do not start another scene on the same page. Each page should present a separate scene;
  4. Use the page turn to surprise your reader.
  • Find a skilled artist.

If you have good drawing skills, that is great. However, if you do not, you need to find a professional artist, who will understand your character and draw it following your requirements and recommendations. You may find a creative artist joining the groups on Facebook, LinkedIn, or Reedit. To achieve the expected outcome, make sure to spend some time interacting with your artist and explaining what you want to see.

  • Take care of storyboarding and design.

When you have found the artist, make sure he/she will be able to produce the layout that will match your script. Based on your notes, the artist should create an original piece that will not resemble other comics. We assure you that by plagiarizing, you will never reach the desired outcome.

Even if you have hired a skilled professional, you need to monitor their work thoroughly to make sure this person is working in the right direction. Do not be afraid to ask for a revision. After all, only you decide how your webcomic should look like.

Be Patient!

When deciding to turn your story into a great comic, you need to understand that this process may take much time. Do not try to complete it in a few days but try to pay attention to every detail. Make sure to spend enough time on the preparation stage to make the creating process smoother. It would be great to look through the successful comics available on the web and understand what makes them interesting and impressive.

It Is Time to Publish!

When you are done with your comic, publish it. Undoubtedly, a stunning artwork will always find its audience, however, if it is your first webcomic, make sure to advertise it with the help of different social platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram. Indeed, there are plenty of options for publishing your comic: a blog, a mobile application, or just a PDF brochure. Just select the way that is the most convenient for you and proceed with publishing your marvelous comic. We highly recommend you to consider making your comic in the form of a smartphone app because, in such a way, it will be available to more people.

Now, you know how to make a webcomic

So, follow our suggestions and create a wonderful masterpiece that will bring you the expected outcome!

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August 20, 2019
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