How to Make Study Easy (Depending on Major)

August 22, 2017

Colleges offer a number of possible majors ranging from biology or engineering to English and psychology. Did you know that you should use different studying techniques depending on the major of your choice? Studying chemistry major with the same techniques as philosophy will never produce favorable results. In this post, I have prepared a list of possible major techniques which can be appropriate for you. I really hope this information will help you become more productive during the exam preparation.


I have examined this method thoroughly because I major in biology. Those who prefer this subject should also be ready to read tons of information throughout all four years. What helped me pass the exams with flying colors was taking notes. I would reread them every now and then to memorize the material. One more tip would be to take advantage of lab works and homework grades. Sometimes, this was the only thing which helped me get an A. Of course, such tasks will not bring you many points at once but when every little task adds up, your grade can be greatly improved. In addition, do not be shy to ask for help if you do not understand something. You can also broaden your knowledge while doing the courses from online resources like Khan Academy and Crash Course.

How to Study For College Classes


Apart from having biology major, I am also a psychology minor. This means that I know how to study for this course. There will be less reading during the exam preparation but a lot of names and theories to learn. I am prone to mix them all up in my head. What can help me in this case is flashcards. I am also surprised by the effectiveness of various techniques like matching a letter in a term to its definition. However, make sure you understand what you are memorizing as well. Remember that you are going to diagnose people in the future, and if you forget all the material immediately after exams, you will become a threat to your future patients.  

#3. MATH

Surprisingly, I have had a lot of math courses while majoring in biology. Now I know that it is really important to take careful and detailed notes in class. I have been struggling with Math since high school, so listening carefully and taking notes helps me understand it better. I use highlighters and colored pens when taking notes: topic in one color, formulas in another, explanations yet in different color, and the rest of information is written with a pencil. In addition, I have also discovered that reading a textbook before the class is really helpful. This way you can concentrate more on the topics you find the most challenging.

As you have probably noticed, each major is unique and you have to design a learning method for every course separately. This will help you study more effectively and easily. I hope you find these techniques useful!


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