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How to Make Your Parents Support Your Major

December 22, 2017

Most parents want their children to be happy, satisfied and wealthy. They know where they should study, what they should do, and what job they have to pursue in the future. Actually, they think that they know. It happens that sometimes parents do not support the choice of their kids. In most cases, it concerns the priorities that children have established for themselves.

Very often, we hear from parents that we should invest in our future. Moreover, as a result, we should have a profitable job. It is hard to make our parents sure that the decision we have made is right.  

What should we do to convince our parents of the seriousness of our intentions?

#1 Talk to your parents about your future decision. Let them see that you are really interested in your major. Be persistent and create a plan for the future. Present it and prove that your intentions are serious. It is your choices and in case of failure, it will be your mistakes. Sounds terrible? It is an adult life, so you should decide what you are going to do after graduation. Your parents can understand you when you know what you want. Be serious and they will sympathize your decision.


#2 Set the goal to achieve what you are interested in. Find everything connected with your interest. An internship or some study program can be a very good opportunity to show your parents that this major is really important for you. You can also define in practice whether it is really your sphere and whether you want to connect your life with it. You can always change the major if it proves to be uninteresting for you.

#3 Find the major you are really passionate about. You have enough time to choose what you like the most when you are a student. Try different majors; try to find the best one for you. Dedicate your studying process to defining what you like. Search the most appropriate option and gain experience.

#4 Maybe, a compromise? If both you and your parents are persistent, try to find some point of compromise. You can come to an agreement; for instance, you will try several majors and only after that will decide which of them is the most suitable for you.

#5 Give yourself enough time for making the decision. It is important to find something that you can explore with pleasure. Obviously, if you dislike your major, you should change it.

We know that you want to study your dream major and your parents expect to see the common sense in your decisions. There are many significant things you should try before giving up. Just struggle for the major of your interest.


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