How to Start Using a Planner

November 21, 2017

Do you often forget important things? If yes, then a planner is the indispensable thing for you.

Choosing a planner is one of many exciting parts of starting a new year. Whether it is a new calendar year or just a study year, it is great to start fresh and try something new to become more organized. Nevertheless, simply having a planner will not change things, you have to really use it. Here are several tips on how to start.

Use a Color Coding Plan

One of the best ways to start using a planner is to create a color coding plan. I made it on an index card and made the bookmark in the center of my own planner. Now I do not have to go back to the first page to reference the meaning of every color. Eventually, I have memorized the color coding scheme very quickly and I now combine it with many things such as Google Calendar and the college assignment schedule.

Try this kind of color coding plan:

  • One color has to represent work.
  • One color has to represent college.
  • One color has to represent personal life.

Using a planner

Enter in Holidays

Your planner may come with most holidays written in. But there is no planner which has all the personal holidays which you celebrate already written in. So you will have to take some time and write down in your planner all the dates which are important for you to remember.

Enter in the College and Job Related Dates

It is something very easy you can do for getting ready for the new study year. Enter in important dates like the end of your pay period, final exams, and days off. Make sure you do not take up the whole section while writing them down in your planner.

Get this Week Started

Take the upcoming week for some kind of a test drive. Are there any things you have planned for it? Start planning this week in your planner so that you can see whether it is convenient for you or there is something you have to improve in your planner.

It should not be organized in the best way for you right away. You will improve your style of writing, as well as the way you use your planner. You may decide that instead of using colored highlighters it is better to use colored pens, or you may decide that it makes no sense to write down your weekly violin practice as you have already memorized it.

Just take the first several days or weeks to try out your planner. Find the way that works best for you to use it by trying several different styles.


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