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How to Study Smart

January 3, 2017

Most students feel overwhelmed and nervous when the examination time is approaching. However, if you know how to prepare for the tests in a smart way, you will significantly save your time and be more confident in your knowledge. Below, you will find several study techniques to prepare for the examinations.

One of the Most Effective Study Methods: Image-Word Association

It is easy to understand that this method presupposes the association of words with images. It is especially suitable for those people who memorize best when they can visualize a word in their head. You can associate a new term with something you already know to memorize it better.

Story Telling

Story telling is a great way to absorb information; therefore, it may be successfully used during exam preparation. You can recall in what way your parents explained to you the meaning of certain holiday when you were a kid or how your teacher told you the story of Christopher Columbus when you were in grade school. You still remember this information because you were taught in the narrative way. So, when you need to prepare for the exam, create a story about a person or event, about which you have to learn. Tell it aloud to yourself or to someone else.

Study Smart Before Exams


It is likely that you remember this method from your childhood when you were learning how to spell and write words. It is when you look at a word, cover it, try to write it correctly, and then compare it with the original. Although it seems to be a simple method that is used at the elementary level, it is a very effective studying tool at the college level as well. For example, after you have read a chapter in the textbook and noted all important points, test your knowledge to see whether you remember them. Cover the definitions of the terms and try to write them again from your memory. When everything is done, compare your results with correct definitions. This is one of great exam preparation tips because when you repeatedly write something down, it significantly improves your memories.

You can try different techniques for different types of courses, as your approach to each discipline will vary. Discerning which strategy and when to use will help you to create your own learning style. Create a flexible and comprehensive study approach that will consider your course load and the ways, in which you will be tested in these courses.


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