How to Succeed in a Class You Hate

July 11, 2017

Every student has got into a situation when he/she has to go to a class he/she hates. You may dislike that class because of the professor or the content, or just because it is a very difficult subject. No matter what the reason is, here is a guide on how to get through it.

Go to that Class

I actually believe that by attending a class, you can improve your grade. You should really make an effort to go to that class and actively learn there. You have to stay switched on during class, ask questions and make connections with the material you learn rather than drift off into a daydream. It is vital as it helps understand the content much easier. Besides, by attending class you have less work to catch up on in your own time.

Keep Studying

I know it is very easy to become unmotivated and start procrastinating in a class you do not enjoy. Chances are that you will never start feeling motivated to tackle your home assignment or required reading, so you should not wait for inspiration to hit you. Instead, designate some time every week to preparing for that class and strictly stick to it. And remember that this is the only way you can get that work done.


Ask Questions

If you need to retain and remember information, it is vital to make connections in your brain with that information. Often, it can be achieved by simply asking questions. If you are too shy, cannot interrupt the professor to ask or have too many questions, you have two options: find answers yourself or email your professor or a friend in the class to clarify the material you misunderstood.

Use all the Accessible Resources

Often, students do not use all the resources which are available, such as emails, study groups, study guides, contact hours or extra content. You should realize that all that can actually help you succeed in any class, even the one you dislike. It will not just make that class more interesting to you, but also improve your grade.

Use the Internet and the Library

If you do not like your professor, it is hard to feel like you are getting the material you want or need from him/her. It is even more difficult when it is also a subject you are struggling in. One of the best tips in such a situation is using such sites as Wikipedia and Google or visiting the library to find the related material to back up and break down the information from your notes.

Change Your Mindset

Try going into the class you hate with a positive outlook. When you are coming into a class with pessimistic thoughts, you are a hundred to one going to fail. Positive mindset entails success, so keep calm and do your best to stay positive.


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