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Tips on How to Write a Movie Critique

March 19, 2019

Wherever you study at the school, college, or university, you may have to write different sort of papers, for instance academic one, critical essay, response paper, and so on. However, one of the favorite students’ writing assignments is a critical film review. Although you may choose the film you like and make your writing process much easier, a lot of students still ask how to write a movie critique correctly.

Many first-year students and even senior ones are confused with the difference between the critical film review and movie critique. Therefore, the first tip on how to write a movie critique properly is to clarify the difference between a review and critique of a film. It is pretty easy when you realize that a film review is a way to discuss the plot, summarize it, and express your final opinion. Meanwhile, a movie critique paper requires you to conduct a in-depth analysis, draw attention to the characters’ speech, stylistic devices, settings and backstage, scenes symbolisms and its dynamics, reasons for the applied sound and video effects, etc. If you realize these things and like the chosen film, you will have no questions on how to write a movie critique. Still, if you struggle with your writing, you have two options. The first one is as follows: you can easily order a movie critique paper in one of the reliable writing companies, for example, Star-Writers, which provides you with well-written academic papers and essay for a decent price. The second one lies in the fact that you can use the following free and efficient tips on how to critique a movie provided by our highly-professional experts and film critics. Of course, we highly encourage you to write a paper by yourself to challenge and improve your writing and critical thinking skills. These tips will unequivocally help you, so go on reading to know more!

Writing Movie Critique Essay

Seven Steps in Writing a Movie Critique

Few can answer precisely how to critique a movie since there are many various strategies and approaches nowadays. Therefore, we have gathered, analyzed, and summarized the most efficient and effective tips on how to write a movie critique easily and creatively.

  1. The first and the easiest tip on how to write a movie critique is to watch the film before writing a paper. The main task is not just to watch a movie as we usually do it on Friday evenings yet to be attentive to the tiniest details, characters, and dialogs. In other words, we should note some things we like and dislike in the particular motion picture. Depending on the film, you will notice different things. Therefore, we cannot tell what exactly you should draw your attention to, but we can recommend you putting down all things that attract you. The best way and criterion to miss nothing is to follow your feelings. It will make your paper one hundred percent unique.
  2. How to critique a movie without paying attention to the so-called film structure? Similarly to the novel, each movie has the preface, central theme, climax, and narrative closure or outcome. It is highly significant to realize and clarify all these main film elements and interpret them. Thus, you will have a couple of words on each aspect and can easily answer how to write a movie critique on this stage.
  3. How to write a movie critique without analyzing the main and minor characters? Each film consists of various and sundry characters with diverse features. Usually, each of them can act like a bad, good, or mixed temper person. One of the critical tip on how to critique a movie is figure out every single character’s features and his role in this film. Even if it seems an unimportant or minor character, he or she may have a huge impact on the plot. Use some strategies on how to critique a movie character paying attention to the physical and psychological peculiarities.
  4. The next tip on how to write a movie critique is strongly related to the film actors, director, producer, release data, sound, and visual effects. Obviously, it is highly critical to observe each of these elements to realize the main idea of the film. Experts believe that analyzing all those things is the best tip on how to critique a movie in-depth. There are a few examples of why this strategy is efficient. Usually, a lot of films are dedicated to a particular event, date, or person, especially historical, documentary, etc. Realizing this director’s idea will definitely tell you a lot about the whole film, it gives you a film skeleton you may use for further analysis. On the contrary, analyzing sound and visual effects helps you to describe what kind of emotions and feelings this film evokes. Also, the chosen cast of the film may tell you some hidden information and shed light on some interesting things that were not considered before.
  5. Do not retell the whole film and be concise is our next piece of advice on how to critique a movie we would like to share. Provide only those examples which prove your arguments or assist in explaining a bigger idea or concept.
  6. Make up a strict paper plan and follow it. In most cases, all academic papers consist of five main sections:
  • General information about a film (director, title, data release), reasons you have chosen it (what attracts you), and your thesis, namely what problems or ideas you want to consider.
  • Tell a few words about the film and describe its plot briefly.
  • Include some details on settings, main film elements/characters, and movie type/style.
  • Provide your readers with a deep analysis of all those things you consider significant for understanding the whole idea of the film. Using some examples and citation will be an advantage.
  • Come back to your thesis and make a summary based on analyzed arguments and facts. You should also provide your persective and recommend or not the movie for a particular audience.
  1. The last but not the least word of advice is to edit your paper. Many students forget about proofreading and editing their papers since they focus mainly on how to critique a movie. However, try to make your paper readable and attractive, and it is the final tip on how to write a movie critique our experts recommend you!

For more information on how to write a movie critique correctly and where to get help in critique writing, look at our article “Movie Critique: Professional Guidelines“.

Of course, if you are under pressure of time or have other deadlines, you may send your draft to any professional writing services, and they will help you to compose your paper. Never give up! Good luck! Just do it!


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