Dissertation is composed of a number of chapters with the introduction as the first one. Thus, the readers will see it right after they read through the table of contents. A solid beginning is a guarantee of an effective continuation, so it is crucial to learn how to write a dissertation introduction to set the right tone and purpose for the whole paper.

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If the introduction is excellent, the readers’ attention will be attracted at once and the paper will have a setup that constructs a proper foundation. Undoubtedly, introduction to a thesis can be written in different ways as the topics vary, but a guide from experienced dissertation writers can be helpful in any case. Have a look at the following points to ensure that the introductory part of the paper is outstanding.

  1. Ask yourself: who is your target reader?

Start writing only after you identify the readers for the paper. First of all, you should realize that your first reader is your professor. You will get your diploma only if the people in charge of the assessment like your writing. Moreover, you should take into account that some readers know nothing about the subject. So, keep in mind all those factors to make writing better focused and enjoy the process more.

  1. Create a hook for your audience

You know from your own experience that it is important to make the first sentence in the research interesting. Sometimes, you look at some text and if the first page does not impress you, you just forget about the whole work. A typical technique of starting the introductory part is to write a quote or a thought-provoking question, but using the most common approaches to writing may be not the best option. Some hooks are used too often and they lose their originality. We recommend you to write a broad first sentence that can excite the readers’ interest and then flow to the main argument. This approach can be beneficial as the paper will address a wider audience and grab the attention of more people. Consider the target group of your writing, making a list of the potentially interested people and interesting aspects to be included. Ask yourself whether there are any controversial aspects of the subject or any current happenings related to the introductory part of the paper. Starting with broad ideas, you can then go on to narrowing down to specific aspects and your well-written thesis statement.

  1. Ensure that the background is relevant

Writing a dissertation introduction, you should remember that you have to include background information as the readers need to gain understanding of the main arguments and the thesis of the paper. The chosen topic determines how much background information is needed. Mind that the background details should be sufficient to make the thesis and the body of the paper interesting.

  1. Provide the audience with the general understanding of the content of the dissertation

Inform the readers about the aim of your dissertation and include the following aspects:

  1. Give a preview of the main research points and write an effective thesis statement

If you know how to write a dissertation introduction well, you always give a preview of the information in this part to give enough details to your audience, but not to reveal everything that will be presented in the body. Your key argument will be explained in the thesis body, but you should give some details to support your thesis.

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Dissertation Introduction Examples

You are a smart student and your chances to write a brilliant thesis are high. You might have already chosen your personal topic for the thesis, but you can also have a look at the available examples and samples to draw even more inspiration. If you order your dissertation from EssaysLeader.com, you will not only get a sample from a reliable company, but you will also gain your thorough understanding of what perfect writing is.

If you want to have your thesis paper written at the highest level of proficiency, you should focus on the quality of thesis statement and introductory part. You should sum up all the details and make sure that the topic is introduced clearly and precisely. Your purpose is to make a favorable impression on the readers with your thesis. You definitely know how much stress you experience, working on serious papers, so it might be better to avoid stress and just have the paper done by a professional thesis writer.


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