How to Write Your First Resume:

July 14, 2017

Tips for Students

Do you know how to write an effective resume? I can predict your answer: “I’m still in college and I have other more important academic assignments. Why should I worry about my resume now?” Believe me, you should. Your first work experience may await you right around the corner. There are many reasons why you might need to search for the job, including student loans and your own creative strivings that need some investment. Besides, it always seems you have a plenty of time before the graduation, but time flies and you have to start gaining your valuable experience in next to no time.

The following tips will help you to turn your achievements into a comprehensive resume. 

Highlight Your Education

Remember that education remains your main achievement. So, you’d better not put the information about your educational background at the bottom of your resume. On the contrary, place special emphasis on the college you attended, subjects you succeeded in, extracurricular activities, and the degree you acquired.

Summarize Your Qualifications

Despite having a certain degree, it’s improbable that graduates already know the career goal they want to accomplish. Your firm career path starts after you go through doubts, mistakes, unsuccessful projects and even jobs you hate. Even your college experience that makes your resume exemplary is not enough to make the choice of your life. Hence, your objective statement may appear to be ambiguous. Instead of this, it’s advisable to present your top qualifications in a few convincing sentences. It will make it easier for your potential recruiter to estimate the variety of your skills and achievements.


Choose an Accurate Resume Length

It’s always good to be logical and concise. However, if the description of your experience encompasses more than one page, you shouldn’t shorten the word count of your resume as long as it presents valuable information, including internships, assistantships, and volunteering.

Properly Describe Your Work Experience

Probably, you were involved in some temporary jobs that have nothing in common with your genuine career aspirations. Since you may think that this job experience is irrelevant, it is likely you will decide to omit these details in your resume. In fact, it’s good to mention even unrelated experience, focusing on the right aspects. It’s enough to demonstrate trustworthiness, diligence, and leadership skills to attract hiring managers.

Learn to Think Like a Recruiter

Before applying for a certain vacancy, research various job announcements and pay attention to the required skills. For instance, if a job ad states that leadership and problem-solving skills play an integral role, your resume should reflect the projects you initiated and important tasks you tackled.
Since employers value ambition of and passion for the job, you must evaluate the assignments you especially enjoyed. Your motivation will help you succeed.

If you learn to create a well-constructed resume in college, you won’t feel so devastated and confused when the time is due to find your first serious job. So, dear friend, don’t neglect the opportunities during your college life. Take part in various educational projects, try to find some part-time job, as well as apply for internships and fellowships that provide good professional preparation. Your potential recruiters will be pleasantly surprised to find out that you already have some competent experience.


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