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Fundamentals of Analysis Writing

There can be different examination focuses in the papers that demand analytical skills from the students, and it may be challenging for you to get the idea of how to do that right. There is scary variety of requirements, structure standards, and specific aspects that depend on the essay topic, and the students may be discouraged even to try. However, all their problems can be resolved with a single wave of the hand. That is to say, a single click on the ‘order’ button will change your life and bring you a bunch of positive emotions even on the gloomiest day. Your order at will make you a loyal client of a professional company specialized at saving students from challenges and academic problems. Nevertheless, if you want to test your skills and get an answer to a question, ‘What is a literary analysis task?’ from your own experience, we will support you as well. Have a look at the overview of the key topics analytical essays may have and study the main aspects you will need while writing.

Advert Analysis

Investigate a particular ad and ask a number of questions that you will address later on, working on your own writing strategy. Think over the following questions, for example, what is the intended impact of the advertisement on the targeted audience? Who is included in the intended audience? How does the product appeal to the audience? What are the means this ad uses for successful presentation? Remember that any course is possible with the professional help from

Character Analysis

Studying how to write a literary analysis, the students may get a task to do character analysis on the basis of the book, movie, poem, or any other source. You have to be well aware of the plot and the context to be effective at analysis. Professional writers always do efficient descriptions as they provide all the evidence with citations and relevant facts. We also contrast the characters on the basis of analysis and your project will look well-thought and relevant.

Literary Analysis

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Poetry Analysis

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Film Analysis

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Rhetorical Analysis Essay Writing

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Literary Analysis Sample

The Holocaust is a terrible phenomenon that hardly left anyone indifferent in the entire world. Many artists depicted it and its consequences on their canvas while many writers created breathtaking stories basing on the events that took place during the period of the Holocaust or simply taking this phenomenon as the main plot line of their books. A German judge and law professor Bernhard Schlink is one of such authors. His incredibly deep and touching novel titled “The Reader” shows how difficult it appeared for the post-war German generation to comprehend the Holocaust. In his book, the author reveals a crucial theme that appears to be the main one in the novel – the theme of guilt.

Reading the novel carefully, one can notice that the author tries to show that the nature of the Holocaust is a source of guilt that involves as many people as possible. As one can see, there were almost no people who could stay aside of it. The main representative of this theme is Hanna due to the fact that she becomes one of the foot-soldiers of the Holocaust. Though she was not an active agent of the Holocaust and after the end of the war such people were claimed to be innocent because of not being on the same level as Goebbels and Hitler, she still bears responsibility for her actions.

Making Hanna the one who is guilty, Schlink shows that any person who participated in the Holocaust is guilty to lesser or more extent since, instead of it, he or she could choose the path of resistance. Hanna realizes her guilt; this statement is supported with the quote by Hanna when she says to the judge in the trial “What would you do?” (122). Becoming the guard in the camp is a decision that was made by the central character with the aim to disguise her illiteracy. In this way, Hanna´s personal failure led to numerous deaths of innocent people. In fact, when Hanna learns how to write and read, she is conquered by guilt and the feeling of remorse. The important point is that Hanna managed to overcome her illiteracy and learn to read and write, but she could not hide from her guilt. Through this paradox, the Bernhard Schlink attempted to show that readers how important it is to be in charge of one´s actions and consequences to which they lead.

However, Hanna is not the only one who becomes a victim of own guilt. Michael faces the issue of guilt as well; at the end of the novel, he faces the truth that he did not do everything he could to change Hanna´s life for better. He even did not talk to her when he saw her in the court and did not write letters to her even though he knew that she could read already. The point is that in her attempt to obscure her illiteracy, the woman lies, and Michael watches it doing nothing to prevent her from it. Thus, making no attempts to contact Hanna during all the time while she is in prison is a wrong action by Michael and leads him to guilt. The way in which the author presented the emotional development of Hanna and Michael makes readers admit that there is too little room for decent precision and complete judgments.

Making all main characters of the novel guilty for something to a certain extent, the author Bernhard Schlink makes hints that sometimes it appears rather difficult for people to define good and bad, right and wrong. As a result, they do some things that lead to negative results; however, they do not even imagine the power of their actions and the consequences to which they may lead. Perhaps, reading the novel, some readers will not simply judge Michael and Hanna for their hasty and disastrous actions and decisions, but will also find themselves in these characters. Probably, many of the readers made if not such but at least alike mistakes choosing a wrong path of their lives. Realizing it, one can understand that the key message that the author intended to communicate to his readers through the theme of guilt was that people should be more attentive to what they do since each step and each word has its outcome that may bring a lot of pain to someone. Undoubtedly, all people make mistakes, and it is a norm of life since no one is perfect. However, everyone should bear responsibility for what he or she does.

Taking into consideration the above conducted analysis, one can see how maturely the German judge and law professor depicted all the tragedy of the Holocaust through the theme of guilt and the plot line that revealed the intimate relationship between Michael and Hanna. Schlink showed everything he could in his novel, including the Holocaust itself, the mistakes people made at the time due to various reasons, personal tragedies that led to mistakes or became the outcomes of them, and the great tragedy for the entire nation that is known as the Holocaust. Mistakes are a good teacher since making them people see what they do wrong and have a chance to avoid the same mistakes in the future. However, it is a big question whether a mistake can be considered useful when it results in a great number of deaths.

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