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Literature essay

When writing a literature review (sometimes called literature essay), you need to present a review of a particular academic source. It is one of the common assignments given to students at college. Sometimes, it can be produced in the form of an annotated bibliography. However, in the majority of cases, it is presented in the introductory paragraph. Moreover, it may be a part of a thesis or research report.

The purpose of writing a literature paper is to examine the given topic thoroughly and provide readers with detailed research results. In order to prepare a superior essay, you should take a few steps. First, you should clearly define the aim of writing. Second, present the issue you are going to examine. However, it should not be a numbered list of items providing brief description of a particular academic source.

Note that writing essays about literature is very useful. This assignment will help you gain considerable knowledge in a certain academic field. In addition, it is a great opportunity to develop your skills. Therefore, when preparing this work, you will learn how to conduct a research. You will know which methods to use to gather useful material on the discussed subject. Besides, when producing this paper, you will learn to perform an objective analysis of the issue.

The key peculiarities of a literature essay paper are the following:

  • It should provide material closely related to the thesis statement;
  • The obtained results should be summarized informing readers about what have been found out and what still should be researched;
  • It should identify controversial questions and present the points that have to be explored.

If you want to be sure that you will not miss any points, which should be covered in the paper, answer the following questions:

  • What issue can my work help examine?
  • What is the aim of writing my paper? Am I going to develop a particular concept or idea? Should I do extensive research to consider the subject from different angles?
  • What sources do I use (books, journal entries, websites, etc.)?
  • What subject am I writing my essay on literature (Political science, Philosophy, etc.)?
  • Have I gathered enough information about the discussed subject? Are the collected data reliable? Does my paper contains useful information only or there are unnecessary minor details?
  • Have I used enough sources to cover the topic completely?
  • Have I analyze the gathered facts painstakingly? Have I compared the issues appropriately? Have I discussed the listed points thoroughly?
  • Is the opposing opinion on the matter under consideration presented in my work?
  • Is my paper explicit? Will readers consider it worthy?

It is obvious that students use different sources when they write papers such as a drama essay, for example. If you want to be sure that you use proper books, articles, etc., respond to the following questions:

  • Does the author address the issue directly?
  • Is the problem accurately identified? Is its importance illustrated properly?
  • Could the author have adopted more effective methods for tackling the issue?
  • What field the author specializes in?
  • What is the author’s theoretical background (political, philosophical, sociological, etc.)?
  • What is the connection between research and theoretical principles?
  • Has the author critically analyzed the sources used for exploring the issue? Does the author present the opposing opinion on the addressed matter?

When doing research, you need to determine whether its basic elements are closely related to each other. Check for validity of the calculations made. Make sure that the provided data are analyzed appropriately. As to the conclusion, it has to be based on the presented arguments.

When using particular books, you need to make sure that it is worth using them to write your poetry essay or poetry analysis essay. Thus, consider the following questions:

  • Does the author provide impressive examples or put rhetorical questions?
  • Are there enough facts about the explored subject?
  • Is there a specific order of presenting arguments? Do they make the flow of information steady?
  • How does a book or article help solve the considered problem? Is it worth considering when analyzing the issue?
  • In what way is the chosen book related to my thesis?

Final Stage

You should know that a literature essay is not a numbered list of briefly describes sources. It should provide valuable information about a particular work. Note that it should not start with the name of the scholar. In order to produce a great paper, you should divide your paper into a few units. Each of them should cover a specific point. Do not forget that your analysis should be based on hard data. Remember that there is no need to indicate all the sources which are available to study the issue. You need to analyze those publications that contain useful material on the matter you are going to discuss.

If you need to write an annotated bibliography, you should provide a brief description of each entry used for producing your literature review. Nevertheless, you still need to make thorough analysis and choose those sources that contain only relevant information about the explored subject. Do not forget that the issue you are going to examine should be presented in the introductory paragraph. Meanwhile, a conclusion should summarize conducted research. In order to compare the subjects properly, you may categorize them into groups.

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