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July 21, 2017

In case you’ve noticed that it is hard for you to concentrate on a certain material, or memorize some information and then recall it from your store of knowledge, it is a high time to start exercising your brain! Very often we pay little or no attention to the ways we perceive the information and almost never spend time on improving our working memory. The following tips are aimed at calling you for action as well as making you aware of how to simplify your learning process.

Tricks to improve the work of your memory

  • Break the information down. It means that any type of information which is in need of memorizing should be divided into smaller pieces. Make your process of comprehension consistent and succinct, extracting only the most useful items. This will help you to keep important information in your head for a longer time.
  • Play online developmental games. Another entertaining and for some people even relaxing way to train their memory is to play developmental games, which are available online. Crosswords, rebuses, puzzles and other brain-teasers will definitely bring a positive effect on the work of your memory.Brain
  • Involve different kinds of perception. We were endowed with five senses not without purpose. Each of them serves as an irritant, which makes our brain react and adjust to the circumstances. Reading books, listening to music, observing landscapes, tasting delicious food from all over the world, smelling fragrant aromas, or any other kind of interaction with the social and natural world provide people with memory improvement.
  • Stay stress-resistant. Stress is considered to be the worst enemy to our memory. It not only lowers our positive attitude towards life and has negative a influence on our general state of well-being but also eliminates the brain’s ability to process information and transfer it to long-term memory storage. Try to avoid the intrusion of stress into your life as your mental health is the pledge of good work of memory.

How to easily recall the necessary facts?

  • Revise your notes in a different way. While revising your notes, never stick to the same review method. Alternate reading aloud with reading silently, rewriting your notes by hand with printing them on you lap-top. There is never too much of diversity when we speak about effective recall techniques.
  • Use flash cards. Simple, though, very efficient way to memorize and recall what you already know is to make flash card and quiz yourself shuffling those cards every time you need to get prepared for any exam.
  • It is better to learn less, but more often rather than cram in one night. This technique is similar to the Break the information down trick in a way it suggests regular learning of small portions of material during a longer period of time. It is easier to store and recall the information learned steadily and consistently. Intensive study in one night has never lead to the long-lasting knowledge.

This memory-developing and recall techniques not only help to boost your study results but also make your brain flexible to any life situation and increase the power of your working memory.


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