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Make Your Time Work for You

November 3, 2017

How about some useful tips on managing time effectively in a way you succeed not only in studying but all spheres of your busy life? You shouldn’t let yourself be the prisoner of time. Instead, take control of it!

Make it your habit to write down to-do lists with tasks you have to fulfill

It is an easy and useful way not to forget any important assignment, event, meeting, chore, and etc., you have or want to complete due to a certain deadline. Crossing out each item (even the most meaningless one) from your to-do list makes you feel self-proud and encourages you to work harder. Don’t forget to reward yourself with small incentives in case you’ve managed to cross out all the planned for a day items.

Keep your work in hand (just in case)

Very often we complain about lacking time for activities we really enjoy doing like reading books, listening to the music or audio book, knitting, or simply solving a crossword puzzle. Why not keep a favorite book, iPod, or magazine in hand while waiting for some appointment or using public means of transport? Use this extra time you have during a day with benefit in order to get something done.

Set right priorities

Let’s imagine a situation. In two days you have an exam and have to get prepared really thoroughly. Though, your friends invite you to go to the cinema, cause Ben Affleck is on a big screen tonight. What will you choose? Hopefully, studyingJ Remember that correctly set priority is a pledge of your success. There will be plenty of other days to entertain with peers.

Make your time work for you

Figure out what is the most productive time for you to work

There is an individual approach to each person concerning every sphere: food preferences, clothes, hobbies, travel destinations…and working time. Find out whether you are at your best to perceive information or do some physical activities in the morning or in the evening and divide time accordingly.

Fix time to study

It would be much easier to concentrate on the material, memorize the necessary information, and not get distracted on side activities if you dedicated time to studying and set fixed hours to learn each day. This means, you’d get accustomed to devoting yourself to a particular activity, avoiding multitasking, which impairs your level of productivity.

Make a schedule

As soon as you’ve figured out what you want to do (made a to-do list) and when you’re at your best (whether you are a morning or evening person), it is high time to create a schedule of commitments for a week. Remember to leave some time for rest.

You should alternate your brain and physical activities with good rest

Your mind and body need time for a sufficient rest, and especially time to sleep. It is scientifically proved that an average person needs from 6 up to 8 hours of a good sleep in order to restore the energy, productivity, and ability to work effectively.

Manage your time wisely and be aware of all the possible ways of raising your capacity for work in order to take control of your time.


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