Manage Study and Personal Life with Pleasure

May 19, 2017

         How to combine studies with work and have at least some time for personal stuff? It has been an eternal question tormenting each student. There is no universal answer as each individual has his/her own approach. Nevertheless, there are some useful tips, which can simplify your workload while fulfilling all the necessary tasks and staying happy, balanced and satisfied with what you are doing.

Set Priorities

         First of all, you need to decide what is more important to you: to focus on studying and getting the diploma or balancing studies with job and getting the diploma, but in a less rapid way. You always need to choose one option out of two. Bear in mind that it is impossible to be a successful full time student and a productive employee at the same time.

         Another option for students to balance their time not only between work and studying, but have some space for personal life is to take online courses. Though it may seem really tough to manage your time productively while being too busy, there are some useful tips of how not to lose your equilibrium.

Don’t Lay off

         The worst thing you can do is to procrastinate the performance of the tasks and to end up being overloaded and consequently stressed. Try to make it your habit to follow the consistent fulfilment of your duties and you will be impressed with how much you can do.

Alternate Work/Studies with Rest

         Of course, it is great to succeed in accomplishing a great variety of tasks. However, remember to take rest, as everything should be balanced. Intensive workload should necessarily be interspersed with days off. As a bonus, your productivity will increase.

No Multi-Tasking

         “You can do anything, but not everything”. This should be the golden rule of your routine.


Restrict Your Access to the Media

         Yes, this is exactly what you’ve thought about. No messaging or chatting with friends during the fulfillment of particular tasks or preparing for the classes and NO checking your Facebook or Instagram pages. Studying is calling! Any device distraction eliminates your productivity level. So, watch out!

Maintain Your Health Condition

         Enough sleep, healthy regular food consumption and water balance are three main components that serve as a pledge for your good state. This tip is connected with the advice to alternate work/studies with rest. Make sure you don’t exhaust yourself too much.

Surround Yourself with Useful Leisure Activities

Not only the food your organism digests should be nourishing, but also the information you obtain while reading, watching and listening. As a student, you should be interested in your personal development. Read cognitive books and articles, visit discussion clubs, enjoy listening to audio crash courses. Don’t squander your student’s opportunities.

Start a Planner

If you have lots of tasks to complete, it’s high time to start a planner. PlannerPro is one of the apps, which will help you to cope with meetings planning, time scheduling or to-do lists writing. Create your own conditions conducive to work, study, and life!


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