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Manga And Anime: Two Different But So Close Kinds of Japanese Entertainment

June 6, 2018

If you go deep into the history of anime, you will reach its Japanese origin. "Anime" is an abbreviation from English "animation," even though many used to think this word has French roots. In 1917, in the country of the rising sun, the world saw the first cartoons that were more traditional for the Japanese audience than for the American. Until the seventies, Japanese cartoons were called "manga-eiga," pointing out to the close relationship between anime and manga. In today's development, the anime has several types: TV series, films, OVA (anime exclusively for video), ONA (anime for the Internet), and TV-Specials (bonus series, often not connected with the main storyline).



Anime appeared in the early twentieth century, while the manga has been known since the Middle Ages. It is important to remember, anime are cartoons, and manga is a comic book. The subjects of manga are more profound and interesting, while the anime stories are somewhat simplified. Manga is often black and white, whereas anime is in color. Only a few people work over the creation of manga; the creation of anime requires a large staff, cash, and labor costs. Even though manga and anime have a completely different purpose, they both are exclusive examples of exquisite Japanese culture due to underlining the importance of different style. The next time you are going to buy manga or watch an anime series, remember the sophisticated story that lies behind its creation and people, who tried hard to bring the entertainment to you.


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