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Mastering the Skills of Effective Writing (Part 3)

March 14, 2017

The previous part was devoted to creating a rough draft of the future essay. Now we have to start writing an actual paper. For most students, it is the most daunting part of essay writing. Let’s review the most common problems the students face during the writing process and popular solutions to them.

I cannot start writing

This problem occurs when you are too overwhelmed with the idea of making your first sentence catchy and arresting. Sometimes the fear of irrelevant beginning is so paralyzing that you cannot write a word. The solution is just to start writing. No matter how effective the first sentence is, you may correct it when revising your essay.

Writer’s block

Reread your plan and make it clear what you are arguing. In case you cannot start writing, try to lay out your ideas as simply as possible. Now, continue writing the easiest parts of the essay. You may also go for a quick walk or drink a cup of coffee when looking for inspiration.

Improve Your Essay Writing Quickly (part 3)

Something seems wrong

In the process of writing, you may understand that the argument you made up previously does not satisfy you any longer. In such a case, go back to your plan and see what changes you can make in order to have a different argument. For instance, you may decide to change the emphasis or add evidence to come up with a different argument.


We all have our unique writing style. However, now you write with the purpose to get a high grade, so learn to be precise. It is wrong to sound over-complicated or vague. In addition, you should be aware of the meaning of words and use them in a correct context. Use terms to develop your writing, but do not forget about an essay flow.

​​The boring stuff

Do not underestimate the importance of making correct footnotes and bibliographies. Your professor will certainly pay attention to these parts of your essay. Also, it is advisable to go back to your writing in a day or two and proofread it. You may also ask your relative or friend to do that for you. In such a way, you will avoid making silly mistakes that may significantly lower your grade.

Now, you are armed with a complete strategy that will help you to write perfect essays. Practice these tips every day, and you will notice the improvement of your writing skills very soon.


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