Hack Your Brain: Mind-Mapping Techniques

June 13, 2016

Nowadays it is really useful to be able to concentrate thoughts and creativity in order to deal with tasks easily and correctly. There are a lot of different techniques which can help you organize your ideas. Mind mapping is becoming more and more popular among them. Comparing to other methods which are linear, mind mapping is about grouping.

Some people don’t use mind mapping simply because they don’t know how to. Basically, it is rather convenient to use. You create a main idea and extend it by adding relevant words. It’s like a tree with plenty of branches. You can use different colors, shapes and sizes of text. And the more you use it, the better you remember the information. Colors, for example, can group some ideas together, while the size of the text shows theirs importance. The best thing of this technique is in visual dressing, so you will be able to recall some necessary information with no trouble. Not only do you get to know basic concepts, but their relations with other components. Please note that when you copy someone’s map, it won’t help you. You need to create your own and think through the relations between its parts.

Hack Your Brain - Mind-Maping Techniques

You may wonder how you can start using it. The answer is simple, start in the middle of the blank page. You would need to choose main idea, more important and broader notions will be closer to the center while specific words will be farther. Do not forget to use different colors for visual perception. Even if you haven’t got great abilities in drawing, you can use the software in order to help you.

The structure of mind map is very simple:

  1. Choose the main idea or the word and write it down in the middle of the map;
  2. Create a couple of branches with secondary ideas;
  3. Extend ideas with more keywords;
  4. Divide them into subgroups, use different colors and sizes of text;
  5. You can use even some images to visualize your map.

Once you’ve finished, you need to have a complete understanding of how they are related. Don’t worry if you are not a real artist, such abilities won’t play a great role. The main thing is that this map should help you organize your ideas and thoughts. Good luck!


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