Most Anticipated New TV Shows of Autumn 2016

September 30, 2016

This fall is going to be rich with premiers. Beside the 10-years-after revival of ‘Gilmore Girls’ we’ve all been waiting for sooo long (don’t forget to turn on your TVs on November 25!),  new season of Sam and Dean Winchesters hunting the evil and saving the world (we hope that this time brothers will save the world FOR GOOD, if you know what I mean…;)) , 2016 is a year for a whole bunch of fresh TV shows to make an attempt to take a place in our hearts. A lot of them have already hit the screens, and the following ones are just about to be released.

Luke Cage

Ladies and Gentlemen, Marvel and Netflix hit the screen with another superhero! Meet Luke Cage. As a result of the experiment Luke gets super strength and extra durability. He's not really happy about that, but he has to adjust to being a hero and fighting crimes.

Date of release: September, 30


'Westworld' is a bright illustration of how to combine western and sci-fi. The show is inspired by the 1973 film with the same title and depicts the story of a futuristic theme park populated by artificial beings.

Date of release: October, 2


HBO drama series about a couple that is going through a hard time of divorce.

Sarah Jessica Parker has had lots of offers to play in TV shows after 'Sex and the City' but she has been turning them down until now. ‘Divorce’ is her first TV show to appear in after such a long pause. By the way, she also serves as a producer of 'Divorce'.

Date of release: October, 9


The Crown

'The Crown' shows the life of Queen Elizabeth II since her wedding day in 1947 until nowadays. She was only 25 when she became the Queen of England and had to take full responsibility for the kingdom. Are you excited to see what was going on behind the locked doors of two most famous houses in the world – Buckingham Palace and Downing-street, 10? Get ready to find out about the secrets and love affairs, intrigues and manipulations around the royal family.

Date of release: November, 4

The Young Pope

TV show focuses on the beginning of pontification of the first American Pope in history, Pius XIII (Lenny Belardo).

The first two episodes screened in Venice received positive reviews of critics. Jude Law and Diane Keaton as the main stars of 'The Young Pope' guarantee the resounding success to series and give really good chances for the second season.

Date of release: October, 21 (Italy and Germany)

October 27 (the United Kingdom)

February 2017 (the United States)


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