Mother’s Day Alphabet

May 14, 2017

It may seem that there are dozens of different holidays in a calendar that are to be celebrated with cards, presents and words of congratulation. Nevertheless, there is a special one, we should all be aware of (and it is not Easter) – Mother’s Day. But what makes this day so special?

Here are six reasons to understand its importance.


Your mom is a real chef. Even if her meals may seem a bit trivial, she always puts her soul into the dishes. You should respect it and remember that it is quite challenging to feed the family, cook every day and make the food delicious. Therefore, be kind to her, and prepare a perfect dinner for her at least this evening.


You bathroom was not full of medicine all the time. Before you were brought to this world, there were millions of beauty products, various tubes, and bottles to look after mom’s body. However, after you were born, there was a necessity to change the assortment and make it more treatment oriented. Remember it and respect her sacrifice, because she always wants you to be healthy and well-looking.


If you are asked who your first teacher was, you should not name your literal first teacher from school. Your mother was the first one who taught you the most important thing in your life – she taught you how to live. Since kindergarten, she has been answering all your questions and explaining everything that you would ask. Appreciate that and be thankful to her.

Mother's Day


Moms have unnatural hearing. They can distinguish everything that is even unsaid. The quietest door creek late at night; the last cookie noise, leaving the jar; the smallest giggle of first love; even the unnoticeable stomachache that you are not willing to share. A mom can hear anything, be grateful for this.


The only thing that lasts forever in this world is love. Your mom’s love is eternal and will last during your whole life. Regardless of your appearance, odor or sounding, she will do everything to comfort you and make you feel good. She is always there for you, in the most challenging situations. Her love will always remain boundless.


People always talk about generation gap, saying that parents usually do not understand their kids, especially during the teenage period. However, it is often forgotten that our moms also were in the same shoes; they also were teenagers and understand you better than you can imagine. They always give you only the most valuable pieces of advice and do not want to harm you. Listen to them and try to be thankful for the care.

Your mom is the most important person in your life. Protect her as she has always protected you. Devote Mother’s Day to her and spend this holiday together.


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