Movie Critique: Professional Guidelines

If you do not know how to write a movie critique, you might easily mistake this assignment for a movie review. However, there is a difference between these two paper types. While a movie review describes the opinion of the writer, a critique focuses on production and analyzes the advantages and disadvantages of the movie in order to provide recommendations on what could have been improved to attract a wider audience.


If you do not know how to write a movie critique for school, start by asking yourself the following questions:

  1. Is this an original film or a part of some franchise? Does it fit the series?
  2. What inspired the author of the story? Was it a novel, story, or real-life events or people?
  3. Did the plot writer manage to create a captivating story? Have all questions been answered by the end of the film?
  4. What about the rhythm of the movie? Is it smooth or dynamic? Is the story clear or filled with unnecessary details?
  5. Can you understand who the target audience of the movie is?
  6. Can you think of any other similar or related movies on the same topic?
  7. Was the cinematography successful? Did the director choose effective production techniques (shots, sound, etc.)? Do they contribute to the purpose and the atmosphere of the movie?
  8. The movie entertaining or serious? Does it touch on any topical issues?
  9. Do you think that the cast is appropriate? Did the actors manage to get into their characters?
  10. What kind of atmosphere does the movie have? Is it joyful / romantic / tense, etc.?

Once you answer all these questions, you can say that you have done half of the work writing a movie critique. Of course, this will be only a rough draft and much will have to be improved but now you know how to write a movie critique. Below, we are describing some of the most effective techniques that will help you create an impressive paper.

A Quick Guide on How to Write a Film Critique Essay

Getting started is always the hardest. At this point, you have to choose the approach to writing and set the pace. If you have no idea where to start, try some of the techniques discussed below:

Free Movie Critique Writing Sample

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