Multitasking in College: Mission Possible

July 19, 2016

Everyone has a period in their life when they want to become capable of multi-tasking effectively. When you get to college, however, this is no longer a wish, but an overwhelming need, or, rather, a survival skill. 

We’ve prepared a list of great tips which will help you develop this skill. Apply them to practice and you’ll become a multitasking genius sooner than you expect.

One thing at a time

You will be surprised to find out that effective multitasking is about not doing many things at once. This may sound like a contradiction in terms, but this is true. In fact, the cornerstone of multitasking is proper time management. Once you learn how to use your most valued treasure – time – correctly, you’ll see that 24 hours is actually enough to do everything you want, get a degree, AND sleep.

Bring order to your life

Doing many things at once and multi-tasking are completely different. The primary ingredient of the latter is organization. All you need to achieve this is a small paper organizer or an app which will remind you what you have to do. Yes, relying on your memory is a bad idea. Using Sunrise Calendar, for example, will enable you to have all your classes, tasks, and meetings in front of your eyes every time you need them. Alarms and reminders will also help increase your productivity. There are even some apps to remind you to have a good meal or drink more water, or apps to track your expenses. Each of them will help you stay organized and manage all your resources wisely.

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Time management

There are also some apps to increase your study efficiency. For instance, Quizlet allows you to test your knowledge and develop personalized techniques to learn new material.

No matter HOW you study, remember that you only can have fun AFTER you’ve passed exams. Otherwise, you’ll lose precious time, and all your multitasking efforts will be ruined.

Make use of cool tools

There are hundreds of useful tools to help you succeed basically in every class. For example, Duolingo was designed to help people learn new languages more easily. If you need help while creating some project, you can use apps like Piktochart to impress the class with your infographics.

Explore new apps; they will help you do great things in no time!

Freelancing is a way out

If you are a student, you obviously need some additional money. And of course, you do not have enough free time to get a job with regular working hours. Do you think it’s either education or work? Have you tried freelancing? This way, you do not have to commute, and you can manage your work time however you wish. All you need is to meet the deadlines. Services like Upwork will help you find such a job.

So, it doesn’t take a genius to multitask. All you need is self-control, good time management skills, and ability to think outside the box. Good luck!


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